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Really excited about this. I've only read one issue, but plan to get the rest when the TPB comes out.
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You're right, I haven't read anything about Nightwing and Starfire's relationship, because nothing new has been written about it in almost 20 YEARS.  Please don't get offended because again, I LIKE Starfire, I like her character and I like the romance she had with Dick. It's very representative of a first love. But it was the first, and I'm sorry, but from what all I've read in comics since then Dick has moved on. Yes, there was that time in Titans when they hooked up, because they were under the power of a demon. 
Again, I don't want to come off as I hate Dick with Kory, because I don't, I just don't see her as the one he ends up with forever. Babs grounds Dick, she challenges him, and they have been a source of strength for each other. I know a lot of that history was retconned, but for me it wasn't retconned because I was growing up with it. 
So, it seems to me the problem here is that I obviously started reading comics in the downsing of Dick/Kory and the upswing of Dick/Babs, so for older readers this would make mad while it makes sense to newer readers. Such is the dilema in comics. 
Again though, please don't think I have pure hatred toward Dick/Kory. I think it was a good coupling that ran its course.

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@Nightstar1: I would like to point something else out. Dick and Kory haven't been together for 20 years. That relationship ended in the 80s, so I don't see why people are so stuck on it. However, I do understand people getting upset with the retcons on that relationship. I believe that when Dick was with Kory, he only had eyes for Kory, that's the kind of person Dick is.  But let's be honest, Babs is just the better match. For one she's human, two she's grown up as a vigilante like Dick, and three they've worked together longer and experienced a lot together. They're really good friends, and the best relationships are founded in friendship.
Of course, I am all for a Nightwing Starfire booty call, but he should end up with Babs. It works better in my mind. 
Please don't get this wrong though, I like Starfire a lot and the past she has with Dick, but the problem is that's pretty much been her character for the past few years. Morrison wrote her well during the 52 stuff with Animal Man, but for the past few years she's been hung up around Dick. I really hope this new series moves her character along. Babs and Dick work better, and Kory needs to find someone else. I mean, how many love interests has she had beside him?
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I agree that when Dick was with Kory, he was with Kory. I think he really did care for Kory and wasn't thinking about getting back with Babs at all. 
However, with that said, I've always seen him ending up with Babs because it would be such a great romance. Think about it, Dick and Babs meet as teenagers and it's basically puppy love. Then Dick has an identity crisis and leaves to "find" himself, in the process meets Starfire who is kind of the polar opposite Babs. She's vivacious, energetic, and drips sex. Not saying that Babs isn't attractive, but Starfire is about the most "sexified" woman in the DC, if not comics in general. But, the main character never ends up with the "sexy" partner. Starfire is just the "distraction," the person that keeps two characters from getting together. When the relationship ended, Dick realized that what he needs is someone to keep him grounded like Babs. With Babs I can see Dick having a healthy relationship; they balance each other. Can you really see him going the full distance with Kory? I can see them hooking up quite a bit, maybe even having a kid, but never marriage, never a life-long commitment, it just doesn't work. Starfire is the type of character who can't stay tied down, even if she thinks she wants to, she's much better when she's free to do what she wants.

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This might sound crazy, but this is awesome. So awesome. I love it and wish I was brave enough to do it....