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@GothamRed: And I love that Storm brought that up in their meeting. Storm's definitely the moral compass of Cyclops's team, which is why I'm glad she stayed and hope she stays around when she becomes an Avenger in a couple of months.

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I am very happy that Cyclops is staying alive. Out of all the superheroes in comics, I feel like he is has the closest personality to myself and could always relate best to him. 

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I'm going to bet it's a mini-series book about a team up, at least that's what I hope it is.

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I've always been a Bat-fan, so I'm planning on getting Dectective Comics, Batman, Nightwing, and Batgirl for sure, along with the Justice League. Catwoman and Batman and Robin I'll test for a little while to see if I like what's going on, but sadly I can't afford any more Bat titles. 
As for new titles, I can't really afford to venture out a lot since I'm on a tight budget as a college student, but I really like the new look and direction Wonder Woman and am curious to see where Jonns takes Aquaman, which is kind of awesome because I've never been interested in either of those characters before and have never bought a comic where they are the sole stars. I will also pick up JLI just to see where it leads. Besides those though, I really don't have the money for any more.....
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@marvelunivers said:
kind of ironic 616 nightcrawler didnt want x force 

That's why it's perfect that AoA Nightcrawler join, even if it's predictable. I'm kind of hoping that AoA Nightcrawler will cause some friction with the other X-men on other teams, especially since he's the polar opposite of the 616 Kurt they all knew and loved. 
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@Nova`Prime` said:
*Yawn* Does anyone really care any more? Its about time for Marvel to scrap doing comics and just concentrate on movies.

Couldn't agree more. Movies are a better bet than comics now of days anyway.
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I love how when talking about the bad parts in the first and second movies you used "what doesn''t work" and "the flaws," but to describe the bad parts of the third movie you used "what went wrong." Made me chuckle, and the criticism is spot on. Good article.
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Here's a question:  does anyone else think that DC has no idea what is going on in this relaunch/reboot?
Think about it, the new Titans books sounds like the Titans have never existed, but then I've heard reports that the old Titans did happen. Yet, that doesn't gel with what we are seeing now. They say Wally and Donna still exist, but we haven't seen anything about them in the solicits. Yet, at the same time, Dick is promised to have been a Titan and Batman's history seems to have stayed for the most part in tact, except now Babs is walking....even though Killing Joke did happen....but she is walking.....
I think DC wanted to do a good, ole fashion reboot, Crisis on Infinite Earth style, but chickened out of fear of losing long time fans, so now we have this unholy reboot/relaunch fusion. It's like they're picking and choosing what stays and goes, but the problem with that is that some of the stuff they want to keep isn't fitting with the universe they are trying to portray. I'm still going to check it out because I love DC characters, but honestly, at this point I can't see this being anything but a mess.
Sorry for the rant. In response to the topic, I've grown up with Wally like I grew up with Kyle, but I like Hal's return better. Barry is just kind of boring to me, but oh well, if this universe ends up sucking I might be glad Wally's out of it.

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At first I would say Liz Allen belongs here because she's the mutant Firestar in the Ultimate Universe, but after thinking about how much of an impact Johnny's has in Ultimate Spiderman as of late, I'm glad he's sticking around.  
You can be a X-man and not a mutant. It would be discrimination f you had to be a mutant to be on the team, and that's what they are trying to fight against. 
I'm really excited for this, hopefully the Ultimate line can get good again.
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I agree, I don't see why everyone it is bashing it just because Liefeld drew it. From what I've seen, everything in Hawk and Dove so far looks fine to pretty good. 
I'm also starting to warm up to the new Red Robin costume. 
And I'm sorry, the art looks good, but nothing could ever get me interested in the Legion.