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I really would not call any of these "revelations". It is just there to remind us that she exists but we learned nothing.
And it was probably the worst dialogue ever:
-You know what happens because of what you do.
-Yes, but I do what I do because of what I am.
-They sent me to talk to you.
-Did they? Anyway, the guy I serve is above them.
Basically, six pages of padding.

Agreed, yet it was still better than the JL story. Gosh, was that thing a mess! A fun mess, but a mess still the same.

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As someone who's been reading the Huntress mini, I think that they are making her Helena Wayne, but she seems to have most of the personality traits of Helena Bertinelli.

I mean, she killed a mob boss in the last issue.

So, I'm on board with it as long as the personality stays the same.

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I am really excited to see Zatanna working with them again. I hope this means she's joining the team for good.

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I haven't been reading this series, but from what I can tell from other fans, Starfire has a hard time remembering things about Earth, yes? So, to me at least, it seems that the fact she has Dick's stuff around to remember him show how much she still cares about him. Think about it, she can't exactly remember who he was, but she knows he was important enough to her that she doesn't want to completely forget about him like every other person she's met here. To me, that seems touching.

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Phil Noto's Shadowcat and Lockheed is, in my opinion, the best character profile he's done on his tumblr. He captures the innocence of young Kitty perfectly.

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Yay? Sorry, but making a big deal over the fact that these books have gay characters rubs me the wrong way. I like Wiccan and Hulking though, so I guess I'm happy they're getting some sort or recognition.

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I really want to believe that this cross-over will be good, especially with the promise of the Phoenix, but these hokey covers are not getting me very excited.

Also, I find it interesting that Beast and Wolverine are on the Avengers side while Rogue, Gambit, and Iceman are on another. In my mind, it made more sense for those characters to have stayed with Cyclops, so I'm hoping they come to their senses and ditch Wolvie during this.

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Just so I'm clear, he's only drawing Deathstroke, right? He's just plotting the other two, which means there will be other writers helping him.

I think it's okay to let me write, he has some pretty good ideas. Now drawing, yeah......not so much, but I would think a character like Deathstroke fit more to his style than anything else in the DC.

So, maybe it won't suck as much as people think.

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@Iron_Turtle: I do too. How creative can this be from the original origin? Maybe they'll incorporate some Ultimate plot points, but I don't know, this has huge potential to be a failure.

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@CaptainCockblock: Agree with what you said, it seems the character's personality revolved around him being gay, but we won't know for sure yet. Wish he'd gone the route of Wiccan and Hulking and not made such a big deal about it. Those two are great characters and people I can cheer for even if I don't agree with everything they believe in.