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Will Swords be in trade anytime soon? I just started hearing buzz about it, so I'm bummed it's cancelled, but would like to pick up the trade, especially for the future. Sounds like the perfect way to introduce comics to a daughter/niece.

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@FoxxFireArt: False, Damian was raised by Talia Al Ghul and the League of Assassins, he should be more than capable of kicking Huntress's butt, even if she was raised by Batman and Catwoman.

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Looks like a Justice League sponsored by the government. This roster is really interesting.....except for Catwoman. Sorry to reiterate what others have said, but yeah, that choice is weird. I have a feeling she won't be on it for long though. Still, the rest of the cast is really cool. Definitely going to check this out.

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I liked what one commentator said about this. He said that this made Superman seem even less human. One of Superman's biggest problems is that a lot of people can't relate to him, and giving him an Amazon, warrior princess, demigod girlfriend is just going to make him even more unrelatable. A big part of Superman's story, or at least it should be in my opinion, is Clark trying to figure out how to be human. He's basically a god among mortals, so he continually is struggling to find his place on Earth. Writers need to focus more on that. I think they'll be a couple for a time, but in the end Lois is just a better fit for Superman.

And to be honest, I'm more concerned with how Superman is going to fit in the Wonder Woman comic. It's been one of my favorite reads every month since the relaunch, and I think inserting a boyfriend would mess with the story. She is definitely the more interesting character of the two after the New 52 reboot.

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...I just, I can't, it's just, so great..

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Excited that both Artemis isn't dead and Aqualad isn't ruined as a character. So good, great way to end before a hiatus.

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Heck yes! So excited, appears to be a more light-hearted, but honestly, this show was about having fun. Can't wait!!

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@cattlebattle said:

Aqualad kills Artemis.....calling it. No really though, this show is epic, cannot wait

This. This is what is definitely going to happen...and I'm going to be pissed.

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This might be wrong, but I thought only psychics could contain the Phoenix Force? Either way, this is kind of dumb and makes the X-men look like the bad guys....

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I'm just upset that Wasp and Ant-Man are gone. They are freakin' founding members! Plus EMH represented them and their powers so well. Also, upset Ms. Marvel is gone too, I was loving her in EMH. To be honest, out of all the female members of the Avengers, Black Widow is my least favorite, and I know they are using her because of the movies, but couldn't they add at least another female member?