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@batshrine: fair enough. Enjoyed the article besides that one small point, keep it up.

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i have a soft spot for the 1939 original, but my all time favorite is the simple black and grey

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Cassandra's she looked more menacing than even Bruce did

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@joshmightbe: he's 8 years old when he wears it, I don't think gay is a factor. Is it gay when he's making out with Starfire wearing it?

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i actually like it a lot...simplicity usually wins out for me, look at chris samnee, sam kieth or frank quitely's interpretations and its strengths are obvious. Plus, it fits the character pretty well. Works for a boy not a teenager. I don't quite get why people call it gay, I mean obviously it looks that way on an adult, or a teenager, but for a little boy I think it's weirder to impose sexuality. You can't deny how iconic it is.

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interesting to see people's tastes...

remember daredevil noir? always liked the hard plastic mask.

These have always been my favorites for batman and robin respectively

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Lex is one of my favorite villains of all Lex

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I'm sorry but I think you're a bit dismissive towards Damian's bi-raciality. I, myself am bi-racial and it isn't uncommon for one race's features to dominate. Not every mixed race baby is split down the middle. In my experience, as a half white, half puerto rican man I often have to deal with people questioning my heritage because I don't act or look the way people expect Puerto Ricans to act or look, taking after my father predominantly. It's often insulting, and confusing, when with whites ur the spanish kid, when with spanish kids, ur white, when really ur proud of both. Granted, they certainly have him tilted towards the lighter pigment, but I've always considered that the artists' attempts to link him to Bruce. There are artists, Frank Quitely, and Chris Burnham included, who give Damian a bit more of an ethnic slant, and I think it's a little dismissive to claim his race is ignored. He reads Sun Tzu, has traveled the world, and been raised by a middle eastern cabal, I don't think that's been buried. Just because a character looks white, doesn't mean you have to read him as one race, I read him with an accent, especially since he doesn't talk like your average american kid.

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Really like Cheshire's upgrade, and the Venom fight was great too, especially that the artist has so much leeway in changing the looks of Toxin and Venom mid-fight. Very Entertaining.