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They don't agree almost all of the time. The clip of them having a moment was written in an age of lesser writing in comic books. The characters were not protrayed well.  
 They have a very, very tight bond. They've spent over 12 years fighting alongside each other. But I wouldn't describe them as friends. And if I did, not as "the best of friends".  
They have an uneasy but bareable companionship. They are allies, and they have a bond, but they aren't friends in any normal sense.

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ANYONE with the infiniti gauntlet would kick prime's ass. thanos would give prime a run, sure. but i think superboy prime would beat him.
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It depends.

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Not so sure. 
Anyways, Primmaster64, that might be the case. New Earth Supes died beating doomsday (and btw dp101, he DEFEATED doomsday. not killed him.), and prime is more powerful and ruthless than new earth big blue. so he might defeat d-day without dying. but then again it depends. doomsday is meant to be unstoppable so it would be close. i'm not sure who would win.
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i agree. superman prime is badass. some who can beat him are: 
 doomsday, genis vell, superman1 mil. there are others. im sorry but emperor joker is stupid.