Hi i've recently come across a service where you can have your head made into a figurine and put onto other figures only problem is i dont know where to find the figures! Can you please tell me a site to get 6in figurines with removable heads! Any site please i need variety and shipping to the uk so as many suggestions as possible would be good! I really want a flash one but also would like to look at others both MARVEL and DC,

Thanks in advance!


A big week for comics!

Living in England is so frustrating, i know the comics i want are out but i have to wait for shipping but there is one specific comic that has got me going this week! I know you're all buzzin! FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES!!!

Am i the only one looking forward to this more than the other vs?

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Plight in Gotham

I have a public speaking competition coming up and decided comics was going to be the subject no matter what they told me the subject was.

They gave me the quote "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game" to work off of.

It'd be nice if you guys could give it a read through and tell me what you think.

So you’ve heard the quote and with it being an Olympic year I’m sure you’re expecting me to relate this to sport, but I put it to you that you could relate it to the everyday man and his dreams, I also put it to you that you could relate it to the Batman’s plight in Gotham. This is a point that I will expand on now, ok don’t worry I won’t be delving into the subtleties of Christopher Nolan’s films, that would be ridiculous. I will of course be talking about comic books you have never read. It’s going to be an exhilarating ride.

So for those who don’t know the origin of the Batman, here’s a quick recap. Bruce Wayne watched his parents shot down in Crime Alley by Joe Chill. He plummeted into a downward spiral of despair, for a week. The 8 year old then decided that he will stand up to the crime world of Gotham. He travelled the planet being educated at the best possible schools in criminology, forensic sciences and other subjects that could help his mission. He then trained with grand masters in their respective fields, like Henri Ducard, Kirigi and Ra’as Al Ghul

He returned to Gotham fully prepared yet he was yet to find something to make him the talisman he is today. While pondering this in his father’s study a bat crashed through the window. This was the birth of the Batman. Now i can tell you all want me to continue enthralling you with fascinating tales of the DC Universe but i’d better start relating to the quote we have been supplied.

So, “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” So what is Batman’s game? Is it purely running around with a child in underpants then returning the special cave he built for the 2 of them? The real game is for the heart of Gotham, before the Batman, Gotham was the most corrupt city in the world. Every police officer, politician, judge and so on was paid off by a different Gang. Sleeze and crime had wormed its way into every little detail of the city. The Batman arrived taking down the corrupted and corruptors, he did this not as a man but as a symbol. He has one rule that he will stick to. The aim of his most infamous villain is purely to drive him to the point of killing. This is of course the Joker and his sick twisted fantasy is to be killed by the Batman as this would be the greatest of victories possible. The Batman has faced many a time when this rule was in the balance. The Joker at one point killed the 2nd boy wonder Robin, Bane has personally broken the Batman’s spine, which for those interested in the Christopher Nolan films is a good read in preparation for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. I can’t wait for that film myself, recently i won tickets to see the first 7 minutes of the film in Bradford. I, like any of you would’ve been. was tremendously excited. I got to the station with Owen Hughes bought our train tickets for £35 each boarded the train with a heart full of wonder. So we got off at Sheffield, after being told that this was the correct place to get off the train, it wasn’t. We missed the opening. Despair filled my heart. Anyway i digress. The Batman has been faced many times with the choice of killing, many say that if he just kills the Joker he will be saving thousands of lives with just one loss of life. But does that not just make them alike? A man in a mask killing for what he believes to be the greater good.

Let’s not just look at his ideals, what about the impact he has had on Gotham, gang crime is at an all time low, prisons are full of the right people, it’s becoming a prosperous city for business and the Gotham Knights NFL team are doing brilliantly. Yes the comics do go into this much detail. Fascinating stuff. But the Batman left space for villains but with the Batman a new breed of crimefighter, a new breed of criminal was born giving us the Riddler, the Penguin and the Joker. This is in itself an awful thing, but the Batman has given hope and belief to the people of Gotham. This will burn on even when he hangs up the Cowl, his legacy will carry on not because he won the battle for Gotham’s heart but because the way he played the game gave the people of Gotham the tools to win it themselves. Alright then, i’m done. Thankyou.

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New 52 Relationships

With the New 52 we are lacking 2 very obvious relationships, Barry Allen and Iris West & Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

My questions to you are:

1. Which do you think will happen first?

2. Which would you prefer to see happen?

3. Do you like to party?


Indigo Dialect

So, who else is hoping that the Indigo Tribes dialect is an actual language we can learn like other fans get, you can speak Wookie and Klingon, i fancy being able to speak Indigo!!

P.S. i know it won't happen but i can hope can't i?


Will Wally West come back into the New 52 Universe?

With the uncertainty surrounding this new universe ongoing there are some questions that people want the answer to. One I have is my subject question, although Barry Allen is my favourite Flash, from what i've read of Wally he is very entertaining. Does anybody have any theories on how he could return?


Haly's Circus

I've been reading through all of Dick Grayson's New 52 adventures. It's made me think that circus workers must be ridiculously stupid, since Nightwing has been noticed in cities that the circus is in at the exact same time doing amazing acrobatics with super expensive equipment surely people would 2 and 2 together! I know this is comics so the writer's wouldn't let this get in the way of good storytelling but i needed something to talk about on my first blog.