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@lady_liberty Of course. Barkins is the superior choice in every way when it comes to. . . being a bit rough. Besides, Antonnius is far too weak and usually runs solo in everything.

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I don't think I'll do too badly.

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A wild Barkins has appeared, wonder if CVNU is ready >:3

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Christopher has no natural Chi anymore unlike most martial artists, it was ripped from him and replaced with necromancer energy during his trips to the three underworlds: Egyptian afterlife, Hades depths and Dante's inferno.

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@Shogunate said:

@Barkins: The child's state of momentarily impure matrimony with the most foul energies of death was interrupted by a firm hand wrapping it's fingers around his ankle and jerking his entire frame into the ground, leaving his tendrils of darkness to writhe about in a horrifying display of chaos incarnate. Little black spikes protruded from his widened eyes and his skin darkened a shade. He was forced to focus for a moment, or his entire being would be enveloped in pure necromancer energy and he would be sent across the world in a demonic state that would not only render his realm to dust, but destroy himself in the process.

His skin returned to it's previous pale tint, and his eyes flashed black one final time before the whites around his irises reappeared. The dark veins around his cheek bones faded away and a moment later his tendrils disappeared as his enemy popped out of the sky and set the air ablaze with furious attacks, moving with incredible speed that only a sparse few would be able to follow.

The Shogunate chuckled humourlessly, softly, to himself.

The earth shifted around him to accommodate for his comfortability and allowed him to move around freely. A few feet below him he could feel another entity resting within the confines of the crust, and he instantly recognized it's texture as that of his enemy, Barkins. He raised his face to the sky, face returned to it's blank glory.

"Another illusion, then."

He blinked effortlessly, flexing his fingers beneath the rock.

"How very, repetitive."

And then his fists clenched and every particle of the earth wherein he was buried fell under his mental command, 200 feet deep and 500 feet wide. His black hair flowed violently across his face, the sky now amassed in dark clouds and rumblings of thunder. The wind was unforgiving and trees buckled underneath it's pressure.

The boy emerged from the ground, setting his sandals on it for a single moment before hopping into the air and spreading his fingers outwards on his hand, pointing them directly at the earth.

Every inch of rock and dirt around the submerged Christopher Barkins shifted a fraction inwards, then another, and another, before all of the rock was moving towards him at impossible speed and from every direction, aimed to render his frame to dust within moments. Above these tumultuous happenings floated the Shogunate, a being so naturally evil one could smell it off of him. He watched the earth, apathetic to the result of his foolproof attack, almost objective in his attitude. This was not the full reach of his attack, for he had gathered a mass of information from the battle with his equally deceptive opponent so far.

The man was on the same plane as him with shinobi skill, not to mention strength and speed. He possessed abilities that allowed him to create insects upon mental will, and a strange knack for teleporting with incomprehensible efficiency. The boy was aware that it would be the only escape for the now trapped man, nano-seconds from having his entire life taken from him by thousands of tons of stone, moving at terrible force. Kurai knew that he would pop into the sky around him somewhere, and with that he grappled command of the air around him, wielding it with elemental prowess. Once his opponent entered the sky, he would be faced with millions of thin bullets, each comprised of pure and solid air. After this initial wave, the earth below him would create a fissure and in a display of unnatural elemental manipulation, it would erupt with fire, launching through the air to render Barkins to a crisp.

Christopher grasped only thin air, his fist immediately jerking back down under the ground for a ritual that would leave him without summons for a while. The boy had seen through the ruse finally, showing that he could sense things beyond his sight and smell. Each thing he took away showed that the Shogunate was a worthy opponent, when his sight and hearing failed him then he turned to smell and when Christopher had moved underground to escape that sense the boy had turned to his ability to sense auras. Any illusion from here on would require detail and preparation if it was going to fool him, more than that the use of the illusion could not be used for simple distraction anymore but for either pure tests or a finishing blow. Simple tricks would not fool the younger ninja any longer, indeed if they had met in the past the fight would have been the exact same for the necromancer had not yet shown him the true power of the shogi board.

His pact with the things of hell and its' skittering servants was quite strong but when the earth moved once to press against him he knew that plans had to be pushed forward much faster, his right arm came alive with the glowing contract for his summoning ritual again. The call would shut down his ability to bring in other insects for a time, forcing him to rely on other things but it was the last piece of his plan that needed to be called in: a royal summon. With his illusion ability he projected his own voice to echo across the battlefield to add a ghostly effect before the earth exploded.

"Do not underestimate me... testing is always repetitive."

One of the children of the royal scorpion line found near the gates of hades, while it was not a prince nor a king it was still of royal lineage and was the largest thing that he could pull from the underworld on such a quick call. The insect itself had hide nearly invulnerable to magic and chi, forcing most to fight it like the Olympians had chosen to in the older days by using brute strength. The animal itself burrowed up out of the ground, rising up to be a story tall and wider than three cars stacked together. Christopher had chosen it because it had an incredible exoskeleton that allowed it to live in areas where cave-ins where rampant, to dig out of the deathtrap was completely natural as it bore the necromancer on top of its' head. Without even waiting for the command the summoned creature jumped forward and snapped out with one claw and then the other, acting much like a boxer as it searched for a way to throw its' giant pincher down, the poison was beyond deadly to most humans but the immunity of the Shogunate was not known at that time.

From his perch on top of the creature's head Christopher stood quite relaxed, his left hand holding the ball of webbing behind him as it floated only inches above his hand via dark energy. The stakes he had set out with fire and lightning earlier were still in the ground and had gone unnoticed all this time, with any luck they would be pulled into his plan easily before the last movements. The dark man then tried to turn to the side and found he couldn't, unknown to him the strikes of the Shogunate had done more damage than immediately assumed. The webbing defense from earlier was only meant to block Chi and dark energy but the sheer force of the shinobi's strikes had still registered hits that he hadn't been able to feel until now, the absence of movement told him that his left shoulder was completely frozen and would probably not allow him to raise his hand above his waist. However, he could not let the enemy know that.

Clever boy, I underestimated his raw strength.

His right hand came to bear in front of his chest with an outstretched palm as he focused for the next movement, even if an arm and a leg went down he would still continue. He had traveled through the realms of hades, the egyptian underworld and dante's inferno itself to achieve his strength; a mere boy would not stop him now. So he tied himself to a victory then and there with his hand held out and his focus starting to build for an egyptian ritual. Three moves.


The scorpion is something you are more than capable of brawling with, obviously weaker underbelly and the element that works on it best is water. Though it moves decently fast, like a small scorpion just blown up to large size.

Also, interesting fact: Christopher has no Chi of his own, only necromancer energy so his arm is in lockdown from the pressure point strikes.

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Stick around about five minutes... lol

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*Slaps Antonnius around* =\

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Give me a good match up >__> *cough*

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O__o like I said... that's a bit inconsistent for me to lay anything down on paper. Maybe if I had some reading material to go with him I'd be able to take a look, but you are the expert on both people ^__^ I'd say that Chunks takes the fight more consistently because his power doesn't fluctuate and he has a water source nearby.

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History is a wonderful thing! =D However, about this next battle... I can't properly analyse it because I don't have any comparable feats. Chunks is easy to read but Nufai doesn't have much specifics for his 'willpower' factor. I honestly don't know what motivates him so I can't call the fight between him and Chunks. I would assume Chunks would still win because of how fast and feral he is, also noting that he would be well fed after the first fight.