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He didn't state he was limited :I please quote. I assume he said that ichigo can use it because typically he cannot cognitively access that power unlike visored form or final bankai.

Now, that silliness aside we usually debate characters at their CURRENT form, or do we not?

I agree with your other points, Dante doesn't belong here... like at all xD

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Since when...... does Dante have the destructive power to handle Ichigo. Does this include all of 'current' Ichigo's feats?

Ichigo is currently a mountain buster+. Even if we go back in time and make vasto form the pinnacle of his power, he's a mountain buster casually. Watch his fight with Ulquiorra, note the durability. While this might be an okay speed comparison, Dante doesn't have anything in his arsenal capable of taking down someone with Ichigo's durability let alone his destructive power.

If we go for composite feats...... Final Getsuga Tenshou, otherwise known as final bankai, was destroying mountains with each swing and atomizing Aizen each time. Dante does not belong on the same chessboard as Ichigo.

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Profile links? :)

And do they have to sell or do they actually fight with their real potential? o.o

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The sound of terror mixed with the screams of the underworld was pure music to the ears of a necromancer.

Though what came next moreso. She broke from his spell like a Phoenix transcending death itself, rebirth but without the pain of death for the woman. Intricate fear seemed to plague her being as indicated from the way she reacted to the banishment ritual, it was something that he took to heart. She also called upon some ancient power that gave her the strength to fight against his necromancy, perhaps someone that favored her quite well. The results spoke for themselves as he prepared to defend himself and he almost thought that he could deduce where she was gaining her powers from, it was something along the lines of what he faced in the nine circles of Dante's inferno. Almost stunned at first that a fire user would also have demonic affinity and that hesitation, brimstone had a way of making anyone stop to take notice. Only having his sword out to defend himself saved him the punishment of the blade she had been able to retrieve, despite not showing initiative in planning she was certainly both fast and strong.

"Don't act as if either of us are immortal."

While demons and necromancers were certainly a cut above the rest of the population they were no where near the mark of being invulnerable to death. With a turn of his wide sword he would be able to block out her initial slash and physical attack, the heat of her movements evident. She had reached at least the speed of sound in her initial rush and left his sight via teleportation so that he would deal with the fire that had trailed in behind her. Christopher could only assume that it might actually be hellfire and needed to deal with it immediately regardless of what else his opponent was doing. While he could chance another attack he would pay the price if he let himself become enveloped by hellfire, it was a troublesome element indeed. The strategist flared his sword out to his side and then cut through the inferno with a movement of his full speed that surpassed mach ten, the energy parted with a thunderclap as it was dispelled. Though he would not escape unscathed, he moved to turn around and was just in time to catch the descending blade upon his shoulder. A regrettable injury, the teeth bit true as he activated the pawns in his hand to try and outpace any escape she could muster. While she had indeed grown faster and had shown the ability to teleport she was not yet beyond his own abilities to contend with and possibly overwhelm.

The sword bit blood and bone, then the fire of it gnashed at his soul. A thing that he hadn't felt since his return trip to the third circle of hell. Ignoring the pain he called upon the mystical pieces of his board to attempt to end her before she could escape in the same way that she had gained an advantage. Even as the sword marked him and scored blood his own counter would be set into motion as the two pieces exploded into a new form of life. One taking the form of a lance that shot out beyond his own speed to extend into the night though it still looked to be made of the same material as before, a light wood. The second morphed into that of a chinese dragon, encircling the spear even as it attempted to impale his opponent at piont blank. The fearsome teeth and jaws of the soulless creation were geared to simply rip the opponent in twain, though nothing was for certain. It was a pitting of his speed against hers and decided by a split second.


  • Leaving a cliff hanger as it was our last set of posts, good game.
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Is there still time to post? :U

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Is there still time to post? :U

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lol, maybe, maybe. Never know, right? ;D

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*raises hand*

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