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Okay I found it a tad funny, JUST A TAD but yeah why does Nightwing have to die by *shudder* Robin!

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Sabertooth all the way he's awesome!

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Knightfall arc, Batman Incorporated, Batman Beyond Hush, Green arrow and canary, New 52 justice league, Batman Death in the Family (REALLY CREEPY), Ummm and everything cause Dcs awesome.

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I like Dick as a character one of my favorite Batman characters. and dosen't he have a series Nightwing (2012-)?

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I started disliking him after Avengers versus X-men

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Hey first fan-fic and I was going to do deadpool but waaaaayyy to hard. So here is issue one of BANE


Bane felt the drops of rain hit his fedora which cast a long shadow over his rugged face. Bane had been without venom for three weeks, and he knew that in three hours withdrawal would kick in. Luckily Bane had coordinated a shipment of venom to come to the abandoned docks courtesy of the Black Mask. It hadn't been cheap but it was worth it for the ultimate steroid in the world. Underneath his long trench coat Bane had his costume on. It was a simple update of his original only with a small flat venom tank attached on back. This tank had tubes attached to it to distribute venom equally. The tubes connected the back of his head and embeded in his hands. The costume itself was grayer than the original and the features sharper. Like Batman Bane liked to keep all his old costumes in his apartment so he could admire and remember. Bane did remember he remembered a time when he was king of Gotham not the Bat... He looked in the cloudy skies and remembered his friends, his followers, and his team members. Bane dropped his head and closed his eyes trying to grasp the epic feeling of breaking the Bat. Sadly he could not and saw he was coming up on the docks. With a quick turn he entered the docks and

surveyed the area around him. He noticed huge empty metallic crates that were rusty and in poor condition. Bane saw the boat coming and immediately became relieved. Then he heard gunfire looking at the boat he saw the gunfire was coming from on deck he ran up to the wooden dock to get a closer look. Even from far away Bane could see something was wrong on the boat. After ten minutes of random gun fire it was quiet. Bane tried looking to see what happened but the boat was to far and it had stopped moving. What he did see was lots of the dealers and shippers tied up in a motor boat. Someone agile jumped in the motor boat and started it up towards the dock. Bane then witnessed his only supply for a month blow up. A loud explosion cracked in the sky. Bane was filled with rage and he put on his mask and took of his fedora and trench coat. He waited for the motor boat driver to come to dock. Nightwing jumped out of the motor boat grinning. "You guys shoulda known I would have found out about this!" Then he heard a bellow behind him he spun around to late. His body felt like it was hit with a ton of bricks he plummeted into the water. Bane saw the brat hit the water hard and was going to fish him out, when the Bat copier jumped out the water and onto the dock. "Bane?! Oh I should have guessed still fighting that addiction I see. And since you have no venom well... this should be easy..." Bane outraged screamed "You dare mock Bane I will break you!" "Yeah I've heard that one before." Nightwing grinned waiting for Bane's first attack. Bane jumped and slammed his fists down on the dock instantly splitting the dock apart. Nightwing jumped onto concrete and turned around to find Bane nowhere in sight. "How can a guy that big move like that?" Just then Nightwing was lifted into the air by heavy hands. Bane threw Nightwing up and waited for the sharp thwack of his body hitting the ground. It never did because Nightwing like a cat landed on his feet. "Well it's been fun but let's wrap this up." Nightwing said. "Agreed." Bane retorted. Bane whose mind was only filled with the upmost hate for Nightwing did something that normally he would have thought through. Bane charged Nightwing like a mad dog he ran pounding at the floor. Nightwing stunned be this attempted to whack him with his baton but missed letting Banes huge hand grab his face. "Mmmmmph!!" Nightwing struggled to breathe as Bane squeezed his hand over his face. Bane then with all his force slammed Nightwings head on the concrete. Over and over again. Bane did not stop until he saw the deep pool developing below Nightwings head. He looked at the back of the head and saw nothing but a gaping hole with smashed up bits of skull and brain. Bane looked into the sky and felt the rain drip on his mask. Bane noticed a shadow behind him who rumbled "What have you done!"

Who is the voice, will Bane get his venom, will I even answer these questions?! Find out next issue!

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Etrigan never was a fan of wasp

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I like directors who don't totally destroy the characters by making them their own and not the creators...*COUGH* Batman and robin moive!

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Batman would be f-ing awesome love Queen and arrow still catching up though... Don't.know much about Grifter so I guess . Oh joker too! LOL

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