Batman movie bane depiction

<p>I loved personally the Batman movie even though Bane was nothing like the Bane I grew up with and who inspired me to get very strong. I loved the movie itself and the realistic Bane was a great approach to the pumped up bane we know and love. But when I search in google bane it disappoints me to see Tom Hardy's mug where the real bane should be. Comments on your reaction to Bane in the movie would be awesome even if its negative to the movie thanks.</p>

Posted by Lieutenant_Awkward

I think if they would have taken the image of the Batman and Robin Bane with the intelligence/personality of TDKR it would have been fine.

Posted by dtm1980

Not that it stops me thoroughly enjoying the film and I think Hardy and Nolan really strived to compliment Ledger's Joker as a successor, but I keep hearing Patrick Stewart trying to do a Darth Vader impression. I still think it would have gone in their favour had Hardy at least tried to inject some South American into his accent. Apart from that, I really dug the sort of bionic guerilla look as opposed to the demented mexican luchador wrestler look that is more suited to comic and animation since Joel Schumaker's Batman and Robin.

Posted by The Stegman

I love Bane in TDKR, and his voice wasn't nearly as bad as some make it out to be. I also like the change of his mask, because to be honest, the comic luchador mask would look silly in real life (just look at Batman & Robin). However, I will agree agree that Hardy's Bane is everywhere on Google images..but then again, so is Ledger's Joker, that just shows how popular the franchise is. My only complaint about TDKR was the anticlimatic way Bane died in it.

Posted by Xorion

he was so good till they made everything was planned by talia (who has done nothing but getting bruce's bed for once and for no reason) and turned him into nothing but a pawn

Posted by JSH92

I thought this version of Bane was pretty true to the comics, besides appearance and origin. I could definitely see the influence from Batman: Bane and to a lesser extent Knightfall.