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Thanos wins....not a super stomp,,but he pulls this off with no trouble

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Lol,,this is funny,,therefore you will most likely become a pariah on this site very soon. I would win btw. If its not a "chuck Norris vs aunt may" joke everyone gets butthurt.

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Gamora used pressure point attack on thing but this is movie thing,,he hasn't been shown to be vulnerable to that kind of attack,,I honestly done see that working,,but with prep and full knowledge I see batman pulling some tech to even the odds.

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Daredevil has stalemated tchalla before,,and that was after fighting an armored wakandan warrior wearing a suit with jet flight and power to rip apart a tank. I think daredevil could pull off a victory. It would be a great fight either way,,in a series of 10 id give mat 5/10 maybe even a slight edge..if tchalla is using heart shaped herb and has his vibranium suit and weapons this would go another way.

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I'm surprised there wasn't even one batman fan taking the bait.

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Create a team to defeat my sci-fi detectives.

Data (TNG) Garak and ODO (ds9) are on the defiant when they enter an anomaly that traps them in the comic book universe. They are tracking a romulan spy who plans to destroy their current timeline to escape prosecution. He has changed his identity and used trek tech to alter his appearance. He can be any where on marvel or dc earth. What he doesn't know is that by destroying his universe it will have a cascading effect and eventually destroy marvel and DC universe as well. Choose a team of detectives to hunt down the romulan. If you think your team would out wit mine list why. Who finds him first?

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Could she get off a nerve strike on Ben? Gamora doing it doesnt surprise me but Jen and Ben IMO are pretty equal in skill,,she was trained by cap but Ben is no slouch either,,she may have trouble landing a nerve strike on him. IMO that's her best bet,,Ben has taken hits from mjolnir and hulk and kept going,,I think bend durability and Jens speed will be the deciding factor,,if she's quick enough to get off nerve strike she could take it,,but if she fails I see a violent exchange ending with Ben standing,,he has more heart than she does,,that goes a long way

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I've never seen either reach their tru limits of strength,,never read the comic where that scan came from,,both are over 100 ton class but I never thought she hulk out classed Ben in strength,,both have impressive feats. Ben has only sustained minor damage taking hits from mjolnir and he's taken massive hits from hulk,,I think his durability might trump Jen

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Ben has a lot of heart,,and he's a good fighter, but I'm not sure how this will end for him,IMO it could go either way,,,but I will say I've seen him fare better against an angry hulk than Jen in some encounters. In wwh Ben put up a better fight than she did,,like I said he's got heart and great durability,,Jen is badass though