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@don_quixote: massive suckage lol,,never heard that one. I loved that show, and Hercules. It was a bit corny at times so I understand

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Untrained peasants? They were more than that,,and defeating 40,000 at once is impressive no matter how skilled. And even if they don't compare to their comic counterparts they were still gods of immense strength and powers compared to humans. And just because u don't like the show doesn't negate her feats. Batman couldn't take an army of 40k men all at once nor could captain a,Erica or anyone else here..let alone defeat the gods she fought watered down or not

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Has anyone even watched the xena series in its entirety? She ended up destroying the Greek pantheon and slaughtered an army of 40,000 men,,along with killing demons and monsters and being proficient in pressure points ,armed and un armed combat, and more she has feats beyond anyone here.

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Has anyone here even watched xena? She singlehandedly destroyed nearly all of the Greek gods, and defeated an entire army of 40,000 men.

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Toward the end of the xena series she racked up some Impressive feats. Even defeating gods, it's been years since i watched the series but xena reached a level far beyond batman and anyone else in this fight,,she is far from a weak link. Lao Ma taught her pressure point techniques, and mystical abilities. She has used telekinesis on three occasions and has some minor magic abilities plus after her daughter eve was baptized she gained the power to kill gods and murdered most of the pantheon. She also killed a Japanese demon called yodoshi and sacrificed herself doing so, and although she could have come back she stayed dead to free the souls of 40,000 men she had accidentally killed in a rage years before. The fact that she slayed an army of 40,000 speaks volumes to her abilities.

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Team ftw,,though her speed will be an issue. I'm sure many will say her speed coupled with bloodlust will mean an automatic win but I highly doubt that will be enough to drop WWH rulk and Hercules they are too tough and too strong.

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Bats and Logan will have trouble in this fight,,we all know Bruce's track record with Deathstroke,,and IMO taskmaster will give batman alot of trouble in a random encounter. Wolverines rage and damage soak will be key in this fight. Batman should take out taskmaster after what should be a lengthy encounter,,Logan's regen and sheer toughness should buy him enough time to get in close and take out Deathstroke eventually,,.I could team 2 see taking a very slight majority ftw..6/10 but this fight can easily go the other way, if Deathstroke engages bats I could change my vote to team 1 6/10

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Team 2 takes a majority. Good fight though. Barbara can't hang with black widow IMO

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