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The Beyonder?

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@the_stegman: I have to disagree there. I can easily see him as a kind of detached Luthor who knows he's above us all and can get very menacing when pushed.

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The first trailer didn't do much for me but this one was pretty good. Getting a bit excited now.

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I have a wall in my house where I hang framed comic covers, be they either famous/iconic or just something meaningful to me, and am looking for some advice on Thor covers to consider.

Now, I'm sure this will ruffle some feathers but I'm not too keen on much of the pre-JMS stuff. I only got into Thor after seeing the movie (I've only read from JMS' start to Seige) and I just think a lot of the old stuff looks corny as hell. That said, while I prefer the modern look I am open to any suggestions.

So far I plan to use:

  • JMS' #1
  • First appearance in Journey into Mystery (if I can find a cheap reprint).

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The face stood out to me too but not to the extent of taking the emotion away from those last panels. This was one of the best issues in a series that continues to be great.

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None of the poll options really fit for me; my choice would be be something between hate it and didn't care as it bothers me a little but it's not a deal breaker. I've never read anything with The Mandarin and to be honest he's always come off as pretty cheesy but, Kingsley's portrayal seemed like a much better villain than Killian turned out to be and I think they made a mistake when they threw him away.

Also, as a huge Bane fan I know the pain of having a beloved villain destroyed by a movie (Batman and Robin), so I feel bad for the Mandarin fans out there.

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@jwalser3: I wouldn't necessarily assume they'll be free. The MK ones were mostly free because they flubbed how DLC characters worked and needed something to entice people to download the compatibility packs. I hope you're right but I'm betting they'll cost something.

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It's not terrible but, yeah, it's a bit too photoshoppy (which has sadly become the norm for one sheets).

Thor's only had one good poster:

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I've seen this story get a lot of hate over the years but I still think it's one of the best Marvel events (full disclosure, the last one I read was Secret Invasion).

And kudos to Marvel for making it have such repercussions. It seems rare nowadays that an event matters as much as this one did.

I also remember really liking the Spider-Man mini related to this. His reaction when the world was restored was great.

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Hey Tony and Sara, I just started listening to the podcast a couple of weeks ago after learning spoilers aren't bought up much and have really been loving it. The little off-topic tangents remind me of the bombcast. Just wanted to say thanks for the good work guys.

Now that said, it sucks that right as I start listening Sara leave but, hopefully she'll still pop up now and then via Skype.

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