To my peeps :)

  I wish a happy new year to all my Comicvine friends but SPECIALLY those in the RPG section :) 
I know in I was not active in 2010 and unfortunately that wont change much since I've really done it all in Comic Vine.  I've been a sexy Arachnid hero (TWS) I've been a chaotic mercenary with a dark sense of humor (G'bandit) I've been a evil narsisist ninja (Bloodpool) I've been part of several teams VERITAS, WOLFPACK, ORIGINAL BLADED ANGELS, CHAMPIONS OF PEACE for 5 minutes :P LAS for two days lol  
  Good times, good times. I really don't know what else to put my CV universe through and I also can't summon the inspiration to even try it xD
 I hope all your wishes coime true and all that cheesy stuff xD 
I'm glad I met you all :)
 ATT: G'bandit :)

Posted by Mercy_

<3 you.  
Your extreme randomness always makes me LOL. 

Posted by Ms. Vespa
@The Dark Huntress said:
" <3 you.   Your extreme randomness always makes me LOL.  "
What she said.
Posted by War Killer

Happy New Years, G'B, Happy New Years!!!!! ^_^

Posted by Marcus_Korah

Well even though I don't really know you, Thanks! And I certainly wish all of that cheesy stuff right back at you :P
Posted by lagoon_boy
 Man...I wish you'll find your inspiration. You never even finished our battle with Agent Ace, A.K.A Frank Martin! XD
Posted by _Sojourn_

Sends waves of awesome inspiratioin XD

Posted by Feral Nova
@Band Lone: Happy New Years GB! We love you and thanks for all the laughs! xD YOUR AWESOME! :D
Posted by -Eclipse-

Wish you would start RPGing again, you were awesome. Still, at least I can always look back on your old stuff if I ever need cheering up :P 
Happy New Year, GB!

Posted by Band Lone

Hehe you guys rock! :D

Posted by Tormenta

Nice to see G'B