Breaking news! The mercenary G'bandit found dead!

Plaza Hotel:

 Gaining distance and speed like a rock in the sea a frail body with a broken neck was free falling from a building. The corpse was wearing familiar clothing. Red mask with black spots on each eye, red and black tight upper body and legs, combat boots, a set of twin katanas and a load of weapons attached to a utility belt. The body after been several second falling its journey finally reaches its destination. The crashing sound of the fresh corpse on the top of a hummer was inevitable to miss. The impact had blown the windows and triggered the alarm of the motor vehicle. Like ants to a piece of sweet the people from the surrounding area all rushed to watch what had happened. The women screamed in panic the men all murmur and gasped in shock as the blood from the body spilled on the street.

On top of the building two shadowy figures stand watching down the event. The figure in the left chewing gum turns to the one on the right. “You think they’ll bite?” The second man looking down at the reporters and forensics that suddenly arrive to scene he responds. “I’m sure of it.” Reaching the man on the left with his hand the figure on the right performs a dual teleportation and vanished from the scene.

Breaking news!

A beautiful reporter is sitting behind a desk holding at hand a news report. The cameras began rolling and just as they do the anchorwoman redirects the viewers to the on scene camera with a second unit reporter. “Thank you, Roxanne. I am standing just outside the plaza hotel where a body fell on a hummer just about 45 minutes ago. The victim was identified as Terrance Brown a man who according to the police had been missing for about seven years.” Taking a short breath the reporter then continues: “But the most intriguing part of the equation is that Brown was also identified as the mercenary known as G’bandit as the attire fit the description as well as the body weight and mass. We’ll be back with more information as soon as possible. I’m Jane Smart, on scene.”

R.O.R: Unknown location:

Elian and Band Lone were standing before a large plasma TV strapped to the wall. The leader of the organization was standing just next to Band Lone. He freezes the image of Terrance Brown wearing the Gbandit costume on TV and looks at Band: “Well, there you go Band, you’re dead.” Joked Elian to the former G’bandit.

Band was looking at the screen as he saw the bloody body frozen on the screen. “Ouch… That looks so painful.” Said Band as he held his belly. Waving his hands with no concern Elian just dropped back on his sofa and laid his head back on the couching. “Bah! Don’t worry Band, you broke his neck. He was dead, so he didn’t feel a thing-” Claimed Elian. But to Band something seemed odd in the picture: "Did you see all that blood flowing, Elian?” Asked Band to his progenitor. “Oh, here we go.” Mumbled Elian while rolling his eyes. Band continues. “I broke that guy’s neck this morning, Elian, if he would have been dead his blood wouldn’t spill like that.” With a loud sigh Elian then stands from the couch screaming: “FINE! He was still alive! I kept him alive and threw him off the roof fresh so it looked like he died by the impact! Happy?!” Elian then proceeds with a sarcasm attack after kneeling dramatically: “By-Gosh, Band! We are murderers! Holly-sh!t! What have we done?!” Band crossed his arms as he couldn’t believe Elian was as much of a clown as he was. But then Elian stands and made his point: “ Ease up, Band. You act like if G’bandit was Barney or something. That dude is not our first innocent. Besides, think about this: Now everyone thinks he was G’bandit and you are free of death penalty.”

After a short sigh Band just scratch his head and turns around walking off just saying “Whatever.”

Elian notice Band leaving the room and he grabs the remote and plays the part when the body crashed against the hummer once again. “He probably suffered a heart attack the minute I threw him off the ledge.”

“Whatever help you sleep at night, Elian.” -Band.  

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