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Avengers Undercover is like a drug for me and I didn't even know these characters when it started. I love these kids now and things only seem to get more fun all the time.

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Kids can read dark material. I should know, I certainly did. I used to read these Scary Stories books of folktales that were darker than actual horror movies.

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Metal Gear Solid was the first thing I thought of, the second was Legend of Zelda. Both could be amazing. How about some Final Fantasy action? FF9 and FF12 had pretty great worlds I would want to see more of.

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My feeling is that there could have both a Mandarin movie and an Extremis movie, but they sacrificed one for the other for no good reason. A fake Mandarin added nothing to the Extremis plot. I was entertained, though, I have to admit. It was funny. The wasted opportunity is pretty sad, though.

Was I the only one bracing myself for Bro-darin to snap into evil mode mid-beer and punch out Tony or spring an ambush? How awesome would that be? Double-fake-out!

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I really wanted Animal Man. He's got a ton of fighting game potential.

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I'd rather see an Alfred series, before meeting the Waynes. Does that exist?

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I'm just so glad somebody's trying Fantastic Four again.

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I would protect the weak from armed psychos, like a superhero. Then I would use my awesome physical abilities to entertain crowds at benefit shows for worthy causes, like Free The Slaves or fighting AIDS. People would come out for it, that's for sure. Imagine the slam dunks on basketball courts, the things set on fire, the platforms of elephants lifted, the heavy metal playing behind me. Imagine a trick where I fly fresh-cooked food between China, India, Italy, and the US, like juggling. Voila! I could leverage that stuff into TV, toys, movies, and endorsements. Before long, I'm rolling like Adrian Veidt. Then I can work more directly on helping out.

Of the listed powers, I would go with flight. Invulnerability is cool, but flight is so unlike what we're used to. It's uncanny and awesome.