Tim Drake: Always Red Robin? A Scott Lobdell interview response

In a recent interview by Tony Guerrero on Comicvine, Scott Lobdell commented on Tim Drake going straight to being Red Robin, instead of serving in more of the sidekick capacity than Dick, Jason or Damien (What? No Blake?). He compared the name Red Robin to a distinction that you could make, like saying Red Lanterns; also, saying he was better known as Robin, treating it as a shorthand call name or being lumped in from lack of understanding (like calling any member of any Olympic basketball team a Dream Teamer, which refers to a specific).

After seing five pages of comments that were mostly visceral emotional responses, my original thought was, that's pretty much true already. Very early on in Drake's career, regardless of what Lobdell says or does, Drake's had to go it alone, or seek his own sidekicks far more than being one. A lot of this comes from him having his own title, being the first Robin as Robin to do so. Even in huge production Batman story arc's like Hush, he shows up as almost a cameo.

The most distinct characteristics of Drake are: he independently deduces Dick, and later Batman's identity; he specifically declared that he did not want to be Batman; and most directly in regards to being on his own, he was the only Robin around when Jean-Paul Valley was Batman. All characteristically independent aspects to the character.

In most stories involving Tim Drake, he is more of an ally than a sidekick. No well read Batman fan will argue that Batman was very reluctant in his acquisition of a new sidekick, or responsibility for their life, post-Jason Todd. Drake is noted by Dick, and Batman as being as good a detective as they come. Nothing in Lobdell's comments change any of that.

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