Great Week in Comics!

Great week in comics! Joker is back in a big way, Penguin is being used as a real villian, Superman is getting Tony Daniel, Kenneth Rocafort and Jim Lee as artists and Scott Snyder as a writer. Ethan Sciver looks like a good addition to the Dark Knight title, so far Jason Fabok seems an excellent fit for Detective Comics and I really enjoyed John Layman's writing on issue #13. It had kind of an early Azzarelo feel with dialogue/image transition, without feeling as forced as Wonder Woman has felt lately.

In Marvel, Superior Spiderman getting Scartlet Spider cover artist Ryan Stegman, which looks like a good fit. Keeping with the Humberto Ramos rotation in the mix is also a plus. And last but not least, Minimum Carnage continues.

Posted by toptom

yes a great week..mainly for superman tough!