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Im the kind of guy who only watched 5 episodes Batman The Animated Seres as a kid (best 5 episodes of any show a kid can watch), and that was the extent of m knowledge of comics and Superheroes (I used to think that kryptonite only came in green, pitiful). Years later I was walking through a supermarket and I found a rack of comic books. Out of boredom, I picked up a copy of a Green Lantern comic (Green Lantern #27) and was changed forever (dramatic effect ftw). I was interested at every page despite having literally no idea what was going on, to understand better, I looked to Wikipedia just intending to figure out the basics of the GL corps. I did, and was blown away at the stories that could be hidden in those tiny books I all ways thought were lame (God Forgive me for that one). Wanting to know more, I ended up researching comics for weeks, learning about the finer points of Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Darkhorse, Image, and as many others as I could find. But early on I found Wikipedia to lack a little in information and sought a better source of knowledge, enter Comic Vine. After cramming my head with an "Xandarian Worldmind" amount of comic book lore, i began to frequent the borders next to my house (Rest In Peace Borders, you changed my life) and was able to read and keep up with events like the birth of Anti-Venom, The Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn making the legal system his bitch, the creation of the different Lantern Corps, Invincible, Kandor's return to normal size, Batman's "Death" and revival, Blackest Night, and of course, The "New 52" DC reboot. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank you to everyone in the comic industry for creating such amazing stories for people, and to my fellow geeks out there for making my integration into this fantastic world as crazy and hilarious as Deadpool beating a hobo into a coma with a 5$ foot long subway sandwich and a box of broken glass :) Ok, Im done, feel free to get back to your lives now.

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