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'We have s**t to Avenge' - The Avengers review (Spoiler Free) 0

As a few of you know, The Avengers was released a bit before America, so as I'm English I was able to see the film yesterday (27/04/12). I've written a few reviews before but I only do so when I've got a lot to say....and boy I have a lot to say.The GoodThe Avengers is like a Thor sequel, a Captain America sequel, a third Iron Man film, a Black Widow film, another Hulk film and a SHIELD film all in one. Every character has a big role having a lot to say whilst doing a lot of ass kicking. Every c...

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DD (not DC) reboot a go! 0

After all the insanity that has recently surrounded Daredevil, it's time to go back to basics for one of my first childhood favourites. The Good Back in action... As a kid, first getting comics, some of the very first comics I read were Frank Miller's run on Daredevil. Now anyone who has read this particular run, knows that it's a good one. Being exposed to such brilliant comics at such an age, I believe, has helped shape me into the literary freak I am today, not just for comics, but for all...

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First Class Movie 0

I do realize that some people here on the vine are extremely loyal to the original source material and to canon, and obviously as people know, this movie isn't really loyal to the original comics. But I believe that you have to evaluate the movie as a movie, and not a comic book, while still appreciating the comic book characters, easter eggs and references.   Now as I live in the UK, the movie came out today (1st June 2011) over here I realize it's not coming out for a little while in other cou...

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Hilarity Itself 0

 My former avatar  and just one of the hilarious moments... I didn't plan on reviewing anything this week, but after I read this I had to! Don't be fooled by the big fear itself banner, this issue is in no way essential to the story and the cover is a little mis-leading. But that aside, this issue is freakin hilarious! I was shocked to read the other reviews because I found myself loving every single moment of it! I am a HUGE fan of Chris Bachalo's artwork, it is very heavily stylized, but it...

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High Praise 0

Gonna keep this review short and sweet, un-like some of other reviews! The Good Magneto's request This issue had a sort of calm, static, atmosphere. In my head, everything was completely silent. If it was a tv show episode, I can imagine that there would be no music or score accompanying it. Very Whedon-esque. It was also such a quick read, I had to read it twice straight away so I could fully absorb it, not that that's a bad thing, any longer and the pacing would of been well off. The art is ...

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The comic book solution 0

Just before I start, I need to initiate a... SPOILER WARNING.  Going to be talking about every aspect of the issue, especially what happens during and at the end of the issue.  Hairography THE COVERSuch a beautiful cover. The pale colours, in particular the lilac, are a perfect tone and match for the issue itself. The lack of bright colours or defined lines show that this book is not a happy one. One particular detail that I love on this cover is Psylocke's hair. The effect that Ribic has used i...

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Come and join the Jubilation 0

 Coipel's Jubilee COVER: Olivier Coipel is one of my favourite artists and although I'm a little disappointed he's not doing the covers for the whole run, I'm glad that Marvel thought that this comic was 'worthy' enough to receive a cover off him. And the cover is awesome, the up-shot of the two makes them look a whole lotta awesome. Jubilee's updated costume brings out her classic glasses and yellow jacket but also brings up a new sexy black number which is perfect in representing her new vamp ...

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Vampy Goodness 0

I thought it would be best to judge each story separately and then make a final judgement at the end , here it goes...  Story One: From Husk til Dawn One of my favourite of the four stories, but only probably because it was a Husk solo story, who is one of my favourite characters and doesn't get enough spotlight! Here she is kicking some major vampire butt looking for old generation x gal pal jubilee. There's not much story to the err story, just Husk showing just exactly what she can do with he...

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Pointlessy Pointless-ness 0

It seems Marvel have set out a specific number of issues for this arc because this issue with pointless. The second part of Second Coming is not living up to the awesomeness of the first part, and we're only two issues in. I just have to ask....who cares about Hope? Like, really? No one cares about her! She's just another Jean resurrection, but without the cool developed powers. Although I must admit, the opening scene with Vanisher was very well done and almost...dare I say....emotional!? This ...

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