Ongoing Pull List... with a twist

Not sure if anyone really cares but this is my pull list! However I won't include any mini series (unless they're long running) even though I read millions of them! I just think they'll date the list :)

Now with super explanations and updates! Horrah!

UPDATE: August '11:

Sayonara to the Secret Six and the old DCU.


The DC reboot is here. Welcome back Jim.

It's time for the DC reboot kiddies, gonna see some major changes here this month! Gonna update this month in a week by week order. Exciting times! I thought it be fun to evaluate and rate the weeks as they come, here it goes!

Week One

Surprise of the week

A lot of titles I didn't care for, but a lot of new titles which I'm looking forward to. Justice League and Action Comics were great and Animal Man was a great surprise. However, I really wanted to like Hawk and Dove, but it just didn't cut it.

Rating for Week One: 8/10

Week Two

  • Added Superboy
  • Added Suicide Squad
  • Added Red Lanterns
  • Tried out Batman and Robin, Green Lantern and Deathstroke, although they did intrigue me, I won't be picking them up.
  • Didn't pick up Demon Knights, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Grifter, Legion Lost, Mister Terrific or Resurrection Man out of general uninterest and reviews.
  • Batwoman was already on my pull list due to it having a #0 issue months ago (Sooooo good!)
  • (Added BTVS: Season 9)
  • Forget the controversy. Rocafort on an ongoing? I'm in.

    Not a successful week for new titles really. Superboy was a real nice surprise but Suicide Squad and Batman and Robin disappointed me slightly. Batwoman was of course amazing but I didn't expect anything else. Green Lantern and Deathstroke were good, but I've got to think about how money much money I'm spending, and they didn't quite make the cut. And again, a lot of titles I didn't care to pick up.

    Rating for Week Two: 6/10

    Week Three

    The new Dark side of the DCU is a winner

    While this week looks good on paper, I'm on the fence about almost all of my picks for this week, their future on my list depends on the next few issues. BOP and Supergirl disappointed me, I don't like what they've done to the characters and there was a lot of titles I just wasn't interested in. But saying that there is a high chance that the titles will stay on my list.

    Rating for Week Three: 7½/10

    Week Four

    Some great titles this week, stand outs were JLD, I, Vampire and Voodoo. Teen Titans, Aquaman and GL: New Guardians were also great, The Dark Knight was ok but the art is so good I can't give it up yet. The Flash almost made it, mostly due to the art, but I just can't get into it. Superman was dissapointing, but it's okay because of Action Comics. I never planned to get the others. This week was great, I declare it the best week of the DC 52.

    Rating for Week Four: 9/10


    Well it's over, all the new 52's are out, and I for one have enjoyed the experience. There was a few disappointments, a few surprises, a few underwhelmed expectations realized and some top notch titles. My pull list is always subject to change and at this moment in time, a LOT of the titles are on the fence, but I'm sure a few will make it to my essential list, while I'll drop a few. However the stars of the new 52 aaaaaaree......


    Welcome to the Jean Grey Institute Bub.

    Now that the crazyness of the new 52 is over, time to see what I'll be dropping and what I'll keep on readin...




    New year brings a whole not of new comics in the coming months. Can't wait to see what it brings.


    Goodbye to a brilliant series



    UPDATE: MAY '12

    Which worlds' finest?

    It's May which means the start of DC's second wave. Like for the first wave I'm going to try a lot of the comics and provide what I thought about them:

    Week One:

    • Added Dial H - Great surprise, very odd concept for a series. Wasn't really familiar with Dial H before now, seems like it's gonna be a hella weird series! 8.5/10
    • Added Earth 2 - Love alternate universes and Nicola Scott's art is amazing. Promising start. 9/10
    • Added World's Finest - I love Huntress and Power Girl very interested to see where this goes 7/10

    Didn't pick up G.I. Combat out of general un-interest.

    Week Two:

    • Batman Incorporated - Great art and Morrison has an impeccable writing style but I haven't been keeping up with Batman Inc. so I have no idea what's going i won't be picking this up.

    Week Three:

    • Ravagers - this book is straight out of the 90s. Kind of disappointing in all honesty. Don't think I'll be picking this up. 6/10

    In Other News:

    UPDATE: August '12

    How is the list sorted?

    Get Every Issue Without FailGet In HardcoversGet In TPB'sGet FrequentlyTrying out
    Uncanny X-ForceThe Walking DeadChewNew MutantsWorlds' Finest
    X-Men LegacyFablesThe Amazing Spider-ManEarth 2
    DaredevilAmerican VampireNew Avengers
    Wolverine & the X-MenAvengers Academy
    Uncanny X-MenAstonishing X-Men
    X-MenSecret Avengers
    HawkeyeBirds Of Prey
    Justice LeagueSuicide Squad
    Red Hood and the OutlawsBuffy The Vampire Slayer, Season Nine
    Wonder WomanAngel and Faith
    Justice League Dark
    I, Vampire
    Green Lantern
    Animal Man

    List items

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    Posted by ZaberCat

    Thumbs up!

    Posted by CombatSpoon86

    Definitely Love your pull list, some I trade wait and the rest I pick up montly. still upset Secret6 getting cancelled

    Posted by MrUnknown

    Woah how come I never saw this?! ALL Greats here!

    Posted by Chesapeake

    Great titles

    Posted by Baddamdog
    @Zabre: Thank you! 
    @CombatSpoon86: Secret 6 being cancelled is the biggest tragedy of the DC reboot. Everyone should of read it. 
    @MrUnknown: Thank you! After the reboot, I'm going to have to majorly update it :( 
    @Chesapeake: Thank you!!
    Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer

    Nice List. lot of awesome titles on their!!. Though i think Uncanny X-Men has gotten better since Gillen started writing instead of Fraction :)

    Posted by Baddamdog
    @The Umbra Sorcerer: Thank you! Oh yeah, it definitely has! Just sad they're renumbering though :(
    Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer
    @Baddamdog: Yeah im sorta annoyed/sad about that too :/
    Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

    Isn`t the DD-book supposed to have an old, retro direction instead of a new one? Aw well, I`ll still buy it in trade.

    Posted by Hawkeye446

    This... This is just a really fantastic list. Your explanations are superb, as well as the array of awesome books... Many, many, many thumbs up :)

    Posted by Baddamdog

    @Hawkeye446: Thank you :)

    Posted by CombatSpoon86

    Love your pull list. Very organized and precise and good reasoning as well. Check out mine when ever you get the chance