Fiercest Females

Sneak peak..
My all time favourite females, being character or person. Please note, my list is not placed in any kind of ranking order. It's as I remember them lol, enjoy!  
*Finally done with all the explanations!

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I must admit Psylocke is a great character, she's on my top ten but my favorite stays Rogue!

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I love Raven and Harleyy too!!! =D They are my Talia Aghaul

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oh yeah friend, I like how you thinking, especially with regard to the relationship of Nightwing and Starfire !!!

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LOVE this list! =D

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Psylocke is the greatest ever!!

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Have to agree with the rest, Psylocke rules.
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Thumbs up! Excellent list. Very well written! 

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Wow Great List, These are some great ladies

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Bad ass list, definitely give kudos

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Exceptional List!

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Thank you for a list with descriptions. It's nice to know the reasons for your choices. I like Psylocke too, but Kitty will always be my favorite. I wish you gave Kara some more info.

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=) That's good! KudoooooSSS!

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Great list, Baddamdog, especially because Psylocke is on top of it.  >:)

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Love the list!XD

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Man i would love to see Firebird back and Silver-Claw. Put thing on the New Avengers.

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This list is awesome... I love the range of the list, from Husk to Kitty Pryde, Harley Quinn to Silverclaw, Firebird to Jean Grey, and let's not forget our favorite mutant psychic ninja, Psylocke!!

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Great list :)))

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Haha I love the fact that you gave descriptions for all of them! Harley and Emma Frost are ranked highly on my list of favorites. And an attraction to Starfire? Understandable (;
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What do you think of how Husk has been handled in Wolverine and the X-men so far?

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Jean Grey = love forever.

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Psylocke is an AWESOME character. I remember when Rogue was still an early member, and was strongly possessed by Ms. Marvel, Carol took over Rogue's mind and redecorated her room. In a fit of anger, Rogue began to throw things out of her room, and Storm tried to stop her but was hit. It sent her flying into Psylocke when she was bathing. I laughed so hard I almost cried. The look on Ororor's and Betsy's faces were PRICELESS! Phylocke would defiantly be in my top ten, but Rogue would be my #1, Harley Quinn #2, Kitty Pryde #3. I agree Jean needs to come back. One thing I hate though is how her personality changed so much (Betsy's) over time. Your list is awesome Mein Freund.

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Awesome list! I agree with your words on Psylocke and X-23. The British/Asian contrast has never been significant graphically but my introduction to comic obsession was during the Uncanny X-Men days when Omega Red and Silver Samurai were major threats and the Cyclops/Psylocke/Jean Grey love/flirt triangle, especially the panel where Scott walks into the bathroom and Betsy is just in her bath towel and,...haha. And X-23 is a more relatable character than Wolverine and definitely more than Daken, who has potential and charisma but the error in his development is the same with the Red Hulk, he keeps coming off as unbeatable, even when extremely overpowered or outmatched. Keep it up!

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So comprehensive my friend! Thanx for putting in words for every character (and illustrator)! Helps to build up interest in the unknown. What?! No Runaways love? I initially bucked the franchise for being heavy-handed about the teen rebelliousness of the group during The Superhuman Registration arc, but it endeared itself. And Molly and Nico are great characters! Molly's super strong but still a starstruck kid who likes Wolverine and Hulk and Nico is getting more imaginative with spell-casting with her Staff of One. And Death of the Endless is great, even though I have a cold, bone-chilling place in my heart for classic, purple-robed Mistress Death, my fave Endless is Delirium even though all the females of the Endless are thoroughly-crafted (Desire's dimension resides in a giant facsimile of her/himself, Despair is constantly accompanied and bitten by rats). Happy hunting!

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Alista esta boa. :~1