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@cdeoleo: Me, or anyone else, being an active member of Comic Vine, or any other site about comics, has nothing to do with the decline of the comic book industry. I just find it extremely naive and bold to say that printed media is dead. It certainly is not dead. Vogue and GQ and other magazines like that  still make millions of dollars, they just don't make as much as they used to. Papers and tabloids are an absolutely huge industry, and in terms of comics, it's a fact that more people still buy comics rather than digital comics. Printed media is most certainly not dead, just hurt. 
But yes, comic prices are too high.
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@Final Arrow said:
Just going to throw this out there and see what happens, as I know this is not a character...  Everything that has happened to date in Fear It'self, seeing as we are a pg -13 site I can't say what I really think of the whole series and what it has characters (£%%%&^TA%R^%S) nore can I say how this has affected fanboys (THOR SAID HULK COULD BEAT HIM *("UI&$*^"*^£&"^"&) nore can I talk about how  much I love what marvel are doing with all these events those money grabbing (sons of ....excuse that. ) Not even going to talk about how underwhelming the whole story has been...Just going to say nice art and walk away......
Not to mention how Bucky's death was handled. BAD MARVEL.
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Dex-Star's origin almost made me weep and I'm not ashamed to admit that!

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There's already a thread with this which shows all the panels she's hidden in

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Dick's supposed to be younger as well

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Batman and Catwoman - 69 
Black Canary and Green Arrow - 15 (-2)
Mr. Miracle and Big Barda - 32 (+2)

Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman - 10
Cyclops and Jean Grey - 39 
Spider-Man and Mary Jane - 17
Shadowcat and Colossus - 55
Rogue and Gambit - 27    

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Don't be naive. Writers discuss everything they do and what they're going to do with other writers. Heinberg and David would of been in very close talks about this, if David wouldn't of wanted it to happen, it probably wouldn't of. In essence he's 'his' character. A writer can't make a huge change to a character in their book if that character is part of the cast for another ongoing book. Rictor has been de-powered since M-Day, which occurred about 5 years ago. There has been sooooo much of Rictor 'trying to live life as a human and finding himself'. We've had around 75 issues of X-Factor of it. It was time to move on before Rictor became boring. Giving Rictor his powers back doesn't erase all that great character building that has happened whilst Rictor has been de-powered. Have faith in Peter David. He really knows what he's doing.

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@cdeoleo: Print media is certainly NOT dead.  
Yes digital comics are becoming more popular, but DC and Marvel still make millions every month off printed media, i.e. comics and trades. Don't believe me? Just check the official comic sales. 
Personally, while I appreciate digital comics, I will always buy printed comics. Part of the reason why I love comics so much is having them in my hand and reading them. Having them collected and being able to go back and read my old classics. I don't want my comics to exist in cyberspace, things go wrong with all the time, just one glitch and your entire library could be gone. 
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I do partly agree, I don't think sexuality should be used as 'shock value' unless it's been hinted and planned since the very birth of the character. Wiccan and Hulking are good examples of that, their sexuality seems very natural and doesn't hinder the story. Although I don't agree with the fact about Batwoman being gay for controversial reasons. If you read the Batwoman story arc in detective comics, the fact that Kate is gay isn't something to try and make the book more edgy, the story arc doesn't need that thanks to the fantastic art and writing, the fact she is lesbian is just another level of her character, just like how a straight characters sexuality is part of theirs. Also, I do believe that Northstar has been the victim of what you're complaining about. When he was first revealed to be gay, it was very controversial, gay superheroes weren't the 'norm', hell being gay back then wasn't the 'norm' yet. Now, when a character is revealed to be gay, it doesn't have the same effect as it did say in the 80's, because being gay is generally more accepted. The fact that superhero books, like Young Avengers and the Secret Six, and characters, like Batwoman, are so popular is due to quality writing, art and story-lines, not because they have gay characters