How often do you treat yourself?

How often do you treat yourself? In fact, what do you even consider as a 'treat' when it comes to buying yourself comics. With the rising prices of comics, a simple trip down to your LCS and getting the titles you want could be considered a treat (Especially now during the new DC 52!). I ask this simply because of the wonderful comic book merchandise that is available today, but with so much of it being so expensive, how often can you reward yourself with something special? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly!?

Comic book companies are constantly releasing new, shiny, exclusive, deluxe and expensive merchandise, do you even go near that stuff or avoid it like a plague sticking only to comics?

A comic book made of pure gold? Say it isn't so!!

I'll admit it, I love to treat myself to something special. I absolutely adore Absolute and Omnibus editions of comics. I'd recommend any avid comic book fan in purchasing one...or many. But they are expensive and limited. You miss the boat on one of those bad boys and the price can raise to ridiculous heights. The Alias omnibus staring Jessica Jones is priced around 350 dollars and a new copy of Grant Morrison's New X-Men omnibus will set you back around 500 DOLLARS. Which makes me go green with jealousy regarding the lucky people who have a copy of that glorious omnibus. But is that just ridiculous? Who would pay that much? Someone must shedding out serious dollar for these items otherwise there would be no point in pricing them that high. Although, if I was a millionaire or had some meja money in the bank (wishful thinking of a teenage student...) I would get them straight away without blinking an eye lid. And I dare anyone to say differently.

A few months back, I bought The Absolute Sandman Volume One. And it is stunning. Take a look...

This thing is huge as well. It's such a lovely item to own and it fits perfectly with the tone of the actual book. Now this set me back a bit. I've never payed so much for a comic book item. But I do plan to do it again. Are purchases like this your bag? Is a purchase like this a usual thing for you? Would you ask for something like this as a Birthday or Christmas present?

But is your treat an actual comic book, like an Absolute edition, a tpb or hardcover, or is it something else liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike statues, figurines or a convention sketch? I've always admired busts and statues but never bought one, I simply cannot pay so much for an item like this, but I will for a comic book? Strange.

However a new world I ventured to recently is; the world of buying art by comics book artists. There's countless artists sketches and drawings that you can buy from your favourite artist, but at extremely high prices. I would kill for a J. Scott Campbell, Humberto Ramos or Adam Hughes drawing because they cost. So. Damn. MUCH. But as a few of you may know I am a huge Psylocke fan and I found a piece on Ebay which I fell in love with and had to have...

Psylocke/Day of the Dead

I had to have it. And I received it today. It's beautiful. Even better in real life. It's by little known artist Erik Jones who does some beautiful work. Now this wasn't that much considering how much comic book art is. Around 80 dollars initially, it's gone to a little over 100 with p&p and vat (GODDAM YOU), which translated to English pounds is around £80. But some of you maniacs shed hundreds of dollars for small sketches by famous artists! I bought this because I loved it and it was relatively cheap, but if it was saaaaaaay $500, I wouldn't of looked at it twice!

But how often do you buy yourself an item like this? If at all!! And when you do treat yourself, how much are you willing to spend!? Personally, I like to treat myself every now and again, and anything going over £90/£100 pounds is too much unless someone else is helping towards it! We all like nice things and I don't see anything wrong with rewarding yourself every now and then. I already know what my next treat to myself will be....

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Awesome blog, I treat myself to a larger comic related item about once a year maybe. The last two larger items I bought were the Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 and 2. I usually try and keep it under $80 dollars which I managed to get Vol. 2 for but I had to pay the full price for Vol. 1.

Wow, what a piece of art. I love the day of the dead motifs.

Posted by MrUnknown

Usually trades that I haven't read and I usually do it when I have the money and the time so not anytime soon ;<

Posted by Baddamdog

@DoomDoomDoom: Thankyou, can't wait to get Vol. 2, but because the book is quite hard going and expensive I was gonna wait a while

@MrUnknown: Yeahh time is a big factor, especially when buying omnibus editions

Posted by xerox_kitty

I love this. I definitely am a 'treat' kinda person, but it's pretty rare that a big 'treat' comes along. Normally I save the big spending of the month for Pay Day & take it easy for the rest of the month. However, I have made a few exceptions when buying original art :)

Posted by jloneblackheart

I treat myself to maybe three trades a year.

Posted by The Poet

@MrUnknown said:

Usually trades that I haven't read and I usually do it when I have the money and the time so not anytime soon ;<

yeah, same here...

Posted by Glitch_Spawn

Ahh, nice thread! Every now and than when I get paid I either search MCS or my LCS and just go crazy with old back issues of my favorite comics. I love going back and reading issues that came out even before I was born. This past summer I spent a good two hundred dollars of my pay on them! My favorite buy was probably the original four part series of the Punisher which was surprisingly cheap really.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

@MrUnknown said:

Usually trades that I haven't read and I usually do it when I have the money and the time so not anytime soon ;<

This, but if something comes out that catches my eye i might indulge :)

Posted by jcbart

Brilliant post! I myself would adore to branch into purchasing artist pieces, statues and omnibuses. However I've racked out £80 on regular comics in the past month (don't ask me how) and I recently quit my job, so there's no chance I shall be able to afford such treats for a good while.

Posted by Son_of_Magnus

When ever I have a good amount of extra cash to toss around I'll throw it on a new statue or figure for my collection. I'm constantly buying trades and collections though and that wears me thin. But working part time at a comic shop now and getting a fancy discount has upped the amount of merch I get.

Posted by Daveyo520

Not very often because I am broke. However I would say the 1st week of this month I did.

Posted by Baddamdog

@xerox_kitty: Thanks! I'd love to see what you've got!

@Glitch_Spawn: Thank you! I've been doing that recently as well! I've been getting old issues of Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureria's Uncanny X-Men, it's always nice to be reminded of how comics used to be!

@jcbart: Thanks a lot, lol that hasn't got anything to do with the new 52 has it?

@Son_of_Magnus: Ahhh I'm so jealous!

Posted by xerox_kitty

@Baddamdog said:

@xerox_kitty: Thanks! I'd love to see what you've got!

@Glitch_Spawn: Thank you! I've been doing that recently as well! I've been getting old issues of Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureria's Uncanny X-Men, it's always nice to be reminded of how comics used to be!

Maybe one day... people were jealous that I treated myself to the Marko Djurdjevic X-Men poster (as seen in my first Contest video as a backdrop ;) but I've since seen it cheaper on eBay and I wouldn't have had to pay for international postage either... *sigh*

BTW, the Joe Mad stretch on Uncanny was fantastic. I still love those issues, nearly 15 years later they're still gorgeous :)

Posted by _jackbauer

I treated myself 2 weeks ago when I ordered a GL hoodie and a Captain America t-shirt from superherohype when they had a $10 off promo going on.

Still waiting for them to arrive.

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I treat myself, just not to the degree money-wise with very expensive items. My greatest treats are simple, my den is also my library and buying the hardcovers of books I love makes me sooo happpy. Right now I am collecting The Walking Dead. I have 1-3 and just ordered 4 & 5 which might even be here today, I'm very excited.

I also, occasionally will hunt down and purchase all of the comic appearances of certain characters, such as Knockout or Scandal Savage. Or buy variant covers I think are gorgeous, like some of the Lady Mechanika's or Ignition City covers.

Also, what I have always thought of as a treat, that most people might not, is the simple act of subscribing to all of the books that interest me... that however has for the first time ever, reached a point where I no longer feel I can get whatever book I want anymore because I believe I am reaching my limit for monthly pulls I have been hovering around 50 pulls. Even as I say this though, I realize I had just moments ago subscribed to another book, Star Wars Knight Errant - Deluge. I couldn't resist, and I am so excited about it, and yes, this is a treat that has been reaching overindulgence and I plan to begin cutting back to between 30 - 40 over the next couple of months.

Purchasing these Omni books and original art sounds wonderful. I think this is something I had just never thought about before. If there were an Omni Secret Six, I would certainly pay hundreds and hundreds $$$ for it, without batting an eye. ;D

And recently, I have asked my favorite CV artist if he would do a piece for me, and I can't even begin to say how happy I will be when it is framed and hanging on the wall of my den. (And YOU my dear, you know who you are, NO rush... all things great & beautiful, are worth waiting for). =)

Posted by Baddamdog

@xerox_kitty: Omg wow you're so lucky! I'd love to have that poster!! Tell me about it! One day I'll see him draw Psylocke again... one day...

@B'Town: I'm collecting the Walking Dead hardcovers as well!! I've got 1-5 so far, but I always try to stretch out my time in which I read them so I don't have to wait months and months for the next volume to come out...strange thinking I know! I have every issue of secret six as well, but if they bring it out in an omnibus, I would pay whatever for it!

Same here man, I detail my purchases here

Posted by Meteorite

I normally just treat myself to buying a lot of comics. When I go down to the comic book shop (I don't live near one and normally order my comics online), I let myself spend about $200-250 on TPBs (plus I buy my monthlies later in the month). I don't buy original art, but if I could find something I really loved that wasn't too expensive, of course I would.
I occasionally buy a T-Shirt or something similar from the comic book shop, but not often. I'd rather spend my money on comics!
I keep telling myself that next time I go to the comic book shop to buy an Omnibus ( Captain Britain, Daredevil, or Thor, probably), but I never do. Lack of courage, maybe? Although I did get my dad to buy me the Squadron Supreme Omnibus for Christmas last year, as I was DESPERATE for that!

Posted by Baddamdog

@Meteorite: Woahh that's a lot! The trouble with art is that it is so expensive, I'll probably never have a piece by a 'big name'.

Funnily enough I've never bought a superhero T-Shirt!

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i treat myself once a month since otherwise i would go insane... ok well more insane. Good call on Sandmasn i want to start getting the lot my ex had them and they are two awesome to not have myself

Posted by Red_Lightning_Alpha

I treat myself far to much

Posted by aztek_the_lost

I don't really treat myself that often, or not in this way at least. I mean for one thing, I don't actually like hardcover formatted books in general =/

At the same time, I probably buy more comics then I should so maybe I'm always treating myself? For me, I guess treating myself (at least lately) is kind of backwards in that I fork out some extra cash for back-issues of books that I already have the trades for.

Posted by Baddamdog

@lazystudent: What do you treat yourself with? They are so gorgeous! Problem is it doesn't fit on my book shelf...

@Red_Lightning_Alpha: Tell me about it, I've had to stop myself several times recently, I need to ration myself!

@aztek_the_lost: :O why not!? I hardly ever buy tpb's anymore, I just have to have the hardcover! Recently, with the DC reboot, just getting my weekly comics is a treat really

Posted by aztek_the_lost

@Baddamdog: It looks cool shelf-wise and I get that but I hate the feel of a hardcover, always have, I just don't like holding it while I'm trying to read, I personally enjoy the malleability of trades. I suppose if it's big enough you have to set it down on the bed or table to read it anyways but yeah, hardcovers just aren't my cup of tea in general. The primary exception I have made in this is the Vertigo Crime books which are a smaller format then your typical OGN. That said, I think some comics I want are only in hardcover so I see that problem arising in the future but if I could live in a perfect world, all comics would be in trade paperback format...I like how Avatar Press releases hardcovers/trade paperbacks of their books simultaneously.

This issue of mine with hardcovers works to my favor though because it means while things like Absolutes and Deluxe Editions are sky-rocketing in price, I can still get the book at a very nice price in the format I actually want.

Posted by Meteorite
@Baddamdog: What I like about buying superhero shirts is that they're fun to wear in public, as a casual kind of way of saying "Yeah, I'm a comic book fan. So what?" There's a great Ultimate X-Men shirt I have which one of my friends always tries to name all of the characters on. 
As for art, like I said I doubt whether I'd buy any but man.... I would kill for some McFarlane art!
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i only get about 3 to 5 single issues a month, and hardly an trades. actually the only trade im interested in doesnt come out till december or january so, yep thats about it. so idk if you all want to consider it a treat or not lol

and i guess o would say i treat myself when i get shirts and other collectible stuff every once in awhile

Posted by Baddamdog

@Meteorite: Also, they're kinda fashionable nowadays, I always see people in Batman and Superman t-shirts!

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I very very rarely get to treat myself because of my family's financial situation. If I'm lucky, I'll get one TPB and a couple single issues every month or two.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I like my comics full of stuff, and yet guite cheap. But not too cheap, because if the publishers don`t make money, all the people (and possibly other lifeforms) who work in those, wont get paid enough. 200 pages for 11 euros is good deal to me.

Posted by EnSabahNurX

I treat myself when I actually eat twice in a day XD

Or when I can actually get myself to sleep 4 days in a week

I rarely treat myself to anything extravagant aside from monthly comics, I usually treat my friends(especially on christmas)