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How many times has Fantastic Four "ended" ?

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I'll miss his beard.

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I'm not really familiar with Krypton's history pre Superman or Jor-El. Who's Kal-El's grandfather? He's a character I've never heard of. Was he in the comics?

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I really like that cover for Cyclops #3. I don't even read that comic but I might pick it up just to check it out.

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What I find funny is how EVERYONE several months ago was absolutely boycotting this movie, even after the original changes were reversed and it was brought back closer to the comic roots, instead of using that strange alien origin story.

Now that the release is getting closer, just about EVERYONE is loosening up and quickly making sure no one sees them changing their minds, 'okay, well, as long as no one sees me coming around now...'

Look, if you swear you'll never see a movie, follow through and don't watch it and don't pay the Evil Tyrannical Hollywood (who always seems to be running out of ideas, according to most of today's internet users who still watches their movies despite their numerous complaints).

I remember reading so many messages of people swearing they'd never watch this pathetic excuse of a Ninja Turtles film. But now people are completely reversing those opinions, and even the ones saying 'Meh' are still probably going to tune in eventually. Maybe not when the movie's released, maybe not even when it gets released to home media, but maybe they'll watch most of the film when they see it's playing on cable or it's been added to Netflix.

I don't get it.

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Is Stryfe a skeleton now? I really haven't paid attention to him since maybe the 90's/early 00's.

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Ah, how I miss the 90's X-Men costumes...

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Good choices, I specifically like the colors on the top three, the Fantomex one, Superior Spider-Man, and especially Batwing.

Anyway, I hate to nitpick but the word 'cool' was overused so much in this article it was extremely distracting. It became very noticeable when you'd use it three times in the same description for a comic book cover.

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It'll be interesting to see how they pull it off. I was hoping Pym would be involved with the Cinematic Universe at some point, and he may still be, but probably not until Ant-Man. So Ultron's origin has been shifted to probably make it easier, without having to introduce a new character and delve into his history and motivation for creating such a machine. Clearly, the obvious choice to replace Pym as the creator is Tony Stark. I imagine they'll incorporate Jarvis somehow, maybe make his role bigger and influence the creation. I'm willing to bet Vin Diesel will play Ultron, and maybe (this is just me speculating and semi-wishful thinking) Jarvis will be upgraded to become Vision.

What I don't understand is why they would pull the sub-title from that recent of a comic series, one that wasn't even that highly regarded. The wording itself 'Age of Ultron' suggests something large in scope. They've introduced Thanos already and are teasing him to be an upcoming menace in a future movie, most likely Guardians in a minor role and then Avengers 3 as the main villain, however the sub-title with Avengers 2 makes it sound like Ultron will become a huge contender for the heroes. It's very game-changing, and they're taking the series in a completely different direction than we expected, but will it pay off?

Too early to tell. I'm cautiously optimistic, however I doubt Whedon will do anything too drastic that may make us fear the series is derailing.

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I might skip out on Trinity War and focus primarily on Forever Evil when it comes out. I say that now, though...