My Mighty Avengers

The Avengers Initiative, the Trinities last attempt at really striving forward with the Avengers ideal, a superteam put together with the sole purpose of protecting the world and it's inhabitants. When Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man came together, they decided to do things differently. No longer would the play second fiddle to bureaucracy and diplomatic relations, this time, they were going to superceed governments and privatize world peace in the interest of humanity, vigilantism on a world wide scale.

They implemented three systems. A strike force, led by Ms. Marvel who they believed had the greatest chops and experience for the role. An Academy from where they could implement the teaching and caution necessary to orchestrate a viable future void of tragedies such as Stamford and finally, known only to Captain America, there was a Black Ops division who proactively deal in murkier waters than the Avengers can be seen to delving into.

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