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I don't care who's freaking cooler jeez! I wanted to know who was more powerful and have you even seen what Cornelia is capable of?

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aman13 says:

"avatar "

Mind telling me why? Because the guardians are very formidable, hell Cornelia would murder Toph while Will can just electrocute Katara.

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The guardians of Kandrakar clash with the top benders. All of the guardians are grounded and Hay Lin(Air user) is only granted with enhanced jump and speed.

Avatar roster: Azula,Zuko,Katara,Toph and Aang.
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BlackPanther says:

"Blade is a great character and I’ll never say he's crap. the other day i was talking to my friends in college about the movies and they all said they loved the movie, but they would never buy the comics. I think this is because of the fact that the movies are better than the comics, with the people who are writing the books these days. Also unlike characters like Spiderman and Spawn, Blade was never a well known character before the movie's came out. I think all comic movie's after Blade should show their respect to Blade because if Blade didn’t come out not as many people would wanna watch these kind of movie. remember past Batman, the flash and superman movies (one word for them... LAME) Anyway if your a Blade fan please check out this link where you can catch up and talk about things that is goin on with the character, for example: the Blade adult anime/animated show"

Are you serious, an adult Blade cartoon? That would rock so hard I hope they get Khary Payton to voice Blade and If Marvel is thinking of making a Deadpool cartoon have Johnny"Crypt Keeper"Kassir voice Wade.

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Sorry I was a little bored, plus I have a little booze in me so ended up making this damn thread.
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Is it me or dose anyone else feel Blade is an underrated character? I mean the guy murders vamps for a living and he still gets no respect, what's up with that.

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Who's the better swordsman the Daywalker or Deathstroke?

Blade gets an adamantium sword to keep with Slade's Promethium sword.

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Buckshot says:

"Aw, don't hate on Deathstroke. Wolverine and Spider-Man (Spidey VS Wonder Woman?) I sometimes overrate Midnighter. It's easy though because his whole character encourages hyping him up. It's not to say he doesn't deserve it, but it can get carried away."
I'm not hating on Slade.
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in responce to the "most underrated", who's the most overrated?

here's my pick:

Deathstroke(jesus god do his fans get on my nerves)

The Bat-family I guess.

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Iori Yagami says:

"Toad. He's put up with so much over the years, he should get some respect, especially since his powers are actually pretty formidable. "

Yeah they need to show Toady some love. Also what about Shang Chi I don't hear enough about that guy?

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