Run Lola Run in X-Factor

The red head is Lola.

If there's a comic book award for Best Cameo, I would give it to X-Factor #240 for featuring the name sake of the story, Run Layla Run. This issue featured the main character, Lola, of a German movie Run Lola Run a movie my Film teacher back in High School felt was so good and ground breaking in terms of film making and directorial decisions that she just have to make us watch it. For those who don't know the story of Run Lola Run, I can tell it to you with three measly sentences. Lola's boyfriend left a hundred thousand euro (or whatever German currency is at the time) in the subway. Lola's boyfriend calls Lola for help or else he will be killed by his boss or loan shark (I'm not entirely sure). Lola runs to the rescue of her good for nothing boyfriend. Simple enough, right? Wrong! Similar to the way Layla sees all of the possible outcomes in this issue, Lola relives this period of her life three times and each time she relives it she learns from it and acts to get a different ending. It's fascinating to see what will happen to someone who got late because Lola blocked his driveway or how a person would later be when Lola bumped into him. If you're familiar with the movie you'd see how many things are similar with this issue and the movie.

See the similarities?

If you still haven't seen Run Lola Run, you should see it and don't judge the movie by its trailer. Germans make good movies too.

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Posted by Renchamp

I remember that movie. I'll have to check the issue out.

Edited by Chesapeake

This movie and this particular issue were amazing!!! I saw the movie first .... i was wondering how could the writer tell us the story since everyone knew about the multiple scenarios. This is an incredible plot!!!

Posted by krilling

The German in US comics always made me LOL.

Posted by MatKrenz

I saw this movie earlier in the year in my french class and I LOVED IT ! and I love this issue of X - Factor just like every other.

Posted by One_Eye

When did this happen...?O_o I remember watching this for a college assignment.

Posted by RoboShark

That is cool. I remember when that movie came out.