Kate Bishop, Clint Barton's possible future romantic interest?

I haven't exactly followed the Hawkeye solo series on a monthly basis but I have recently purchased and read the first volume of the Hawkeye paperback. So, if there are any developments past issue #5 I wouldn't know anything about it.

As I was reading the book I came upon this page:

Clint asks Kate for assistance but she keeps on asking, "Why me?" In return, Clint replies with different answers but none pleased her.

Being as experienced with women as Clint is, he probably figured out what Kate wanted to hear and quickly stopped her questions by cutting her off and saying, "Because I don't want to sleep with you?" As shown in the seventh panel of the image above, Kate immediately got mad as if disappointed with his response then just as fast deflected it with humor. Afterwards after a little heart-to-heart Kate agrees to help Clint but at the end of the page this is shown:

It could be argued that the captions that appeared in these last two panels are Clint's thoughts and not Kate's own. Though, because the captions are placed on a panel with only Kate in it means that whatever is written in the caption also applies to her whether it's from Clint or not.

In my experience with other comics, other mediums and real life, Kate's upset and disappointed look on her face indicate that she is greatly saddened when Clint said, "Because I don't want to sleep with you?" Adding "Dummy" right after is a way to insult someone that hurt your feelings (just to ease the pain) something that most, if not all, do.

Kate isn't so subtle in hiding her attraction, however, as shown in this picture:

Which registered as "Bad idea four" but, he is most likely referring to Kate driving. Or is he?

The way Kate always hangs out with Clint is also peaks my interest. Joining him in social occasions such as his rooftop barbecues with the tenants of his building.

She has other friends and, not to mention, extremely rich, why does she choose to hang out with him?

A little later Clint gets kidnapped by SHIELD right from where he is standing. Which resulted into Kate waiting in his apartment until three in the morning, as shown below:

And who can forget about this little escapade in Madripoor?

Nothing truly awkward is happening here until I found out that Madame Masque is really ...

... Kate Bishop in disguise.

While reading this, the main thing that came to my mind is that the real Madame Masque would probably get one of her henchmen to get the credit card for her and relieve herself of the shame of doing that particular dirty work.

This image below also hints on a possible romance:

Hand-on-hand, an effective way of saying admiration and, possibly, love through a picture. Especially if the other is in bed sick and/or injured.

P. S.

Some might say that Kate Bishop is way too young/underage for Clint Barton. I say, by the time of the first issue of the new Young Avengers series, Kate is already eighteen-years-old (or seventeen turning eighteen soon) because the theme of the current is no longer about a group of sixteen-year-olds wanting to be an adult but eighteen-year-olds experiencing the first stage of being an adult (in the case of Noh-Varr early twenties?). So, she is too young but, not young enough that it would be fiendish or illegal.


Run Lola Run in X-Factor

The red head is Lola.

If there's a comic book award for Best Cameo, I would give it to X-Factor #240 for featuring the name sake of the story, Run Layla Run. This issue featured the main character, Lola, of a German movie Run Lola Run a movie my Film teacher back in High School felt was so good and ground breaking in terms of film making and directorial decisions that she just have to make us watch it. For those who don't know the story of Run Lola Run, I can tell it to you with three measly sentences. Lola's boyfriend left a hundred thousand euro (or whatever German currency is at the time) in the subway. Lola's boyfriend calls Lola for help or else he will be killed by his boss or loan shark (I'm not entirely sure). Lola runs to the rescue of her good for nothing boyfriend. Simple enough, right? Wrong! Similar to the way Layla sees all of the possible outcomes in this issue, Lola relives this period of her life three times and each time she relives it she learns from it and acts to get a different ending. It's fascinating to see what will happen to someone who got late because Lola blocked his driveway or how a person would later be when Lola bumped into him. If you're familiar with the movie you'd see how many things are similar with this issue and the movie.

See the similarities?

If you still haven't seen Run Lola Run, you should see it and don't judge the movie by its trailer. Germans make good movies too.


Who else think that the Man of Action seem like total douches?

The new video from THINKAboutTheINK features an interview by Grace Randolph with the Man of Action. When asked about the Ultimate Spiderman and the controversial changes that they made with the character and other things and the fact that a lot of people on the internet hated that show. The Man of Action simply deflected the question by stating, "A kid show for kids, that some adults don't like, that. Hard to wrap your head on that one." Implying that criticizing their show is childish and stupid. I'd like to point out that "some" implies that they believe only few adults/adolescents don't like the show. This reminds me on how the media kept on pushing the idea that all of the Mass Effect fans that hated the ending of ME3 are in the minority and are only a bunch of whiners who didn't get what they wanted but the truth is majority of fans hated the ending (and eventually got a better, not great, ending). They also stated,"I'm gonna tell you this straight, there's a lot of vocal people in the internet but we have nothing but compliments here." later adding, "I don't meet the people who don't like it, except on the internet." It seems Man of Action believes, or want people to believe, that the "haters" from the internet are the minority (just like what EA/Bioware wanted people to believe at first) despite the fact that the internet is place where feedback from fans can be heard and if their feedback is negative then the show must be bad. I've been a big fan of Man of Action since I first saw the first Ben 10 episode and continued to be fan with Generator Rex but I got to admit watching Ultimate Spiderman feels like watching Spongebob (including the sensation of slowly feeling your brain melt) and that Ben 10 got less interesting after the second season. Even if the show is intended for kids the Man of Action should also cater to the poor adult babysitter who has to stay and watch it with the kids or the teens that want to watch some cartoons or to the college age people (like me) who still love super heroes and shows that doesn't necessary have to be the standard adult show (we also get tired of Adultswim cartoons and animes). If you disagree, then ask yourselves these questions. Why is Adventure Time, Legend of Korra and Young Justice more beloved than the Ultimate Spiderman? Why are animes so popular? (Even though a lot of them suck IMHO) It's because a kid, a teenager, and an adult can watch these shows and all of them would have a different view on what's happening on screen.

A kid wouldn't get the masturbation joke hidden inside Season 3 episode 5b of Adventure Time or the implied lesbian relations between Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. (Depending on the parent, this statement may not be true.) Adults are the ones that buys the DVD releases of shows like this and if adults, or at least teenagers, aren't being catered by the show the DVD sales would fall only to those parents who wants to make their whining kids shut up in Wal-Mart. They'd miss the potential market of teenagers and young adults completely. I personally bought the Young Justice: Season One - Volumes 1, 2 & 3 and the Marvel Anime: X-Men - Complete Series and I'm planning on getting the Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets and the Adventure Time: Complete First Season when I get the chance. (Though Anime X-Men is sub par compared to Young Justice) Implying that people who criticizes a cartoon they made as childish and saying that the cartoon is for children and anyone older than that shouldn't watch it is failing to see the bigger picture.


Hope's power is to turn into a child!

It seems that different artists have different ideas on what Hope's age actually is. This came to mind when I was reading Avengers vs. X-men #7 and saw Hope's appearance.

Hope is 12

What Hope should look like according to her height(5'6") and weight(106 lbs.).

It appears that some artists still think Hope is a pre-teen.


Juston Seyfert's Sentinel

Juston Seyfert going around with a sentinel is no different than a guy dressed as Hitler attending a Holocaust survivors' reunion. He should realize that the thing he calls his friend/pet had been a symbol of fear, racism and genocide. Which also affects minorities in the real world. The main theme that made the X-Men popular with other cultures is that they are,if not the first, one of the first minority characters ever published. Off-course they are not the black, Asian, etc., minorities but they fulfill the role as they are few and different compared to the base-line human majority. As with any minority, they have been persecuted and/or terminated by the majority or the elite. In such an event symbols are made(sometimes unknowingly) to remind us of what happened, sometimes offensively. Blacks/Africans would have the KKK burning cross, the Jews would have the swastika and the mutants would have the Sentinels. A symbol of persecution and genocide throughout the mutant-kind, sentinels are responsible for the genocide in Genosha, death of all of Emma Frost's Hellions, and the attack on Utopia.

It might seem foolish/childish to hate on a fictional character like this but as I said before sentinels are much more. A symbol of genocide for cultures that has faced genocide. Fictional or not, sentinels represent humanity's nature to hate what is different and ultimately destroy them.

If Laura has more personality she would have said the same thing.

Who I think should join the next Young Avengers' line-up

Following the untimely deaths of the kid Vision 2.0 and Stature and with Patriot moving to New Jersey. I decided to make a list of possible candidates to join the team and I want you guys to know that I don't know every little detail about the characters I'm going to list so forgive me if I got something wrong.

And so my list begins...

Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon)

With the cancellation of her own series that only lasted for 8 or 11 issues, if the Spider-Island tie-in is included, and the cancellation of her own super-team, the Young Allies, she doesn't have anything better to do than to remain as a background character in the Avengers Academy. I don't want to see this character's potential as a bad-ass female superhero be put to waste like how Marvel treated the New X-Men kids. I think she'll be a lot of fun to read with the other Young Avengers especially now that she got spidey powers. Mix that with her martial arts skill and you'd have a fighter even Spider-Man would have a hard time beating.

Hellion (Julian Keller)

As a former member of the New X-Men and with Kyle/Yost's writing, Hellion proved to be more than just a bully. He showed that he loves all his friends to the point that he will fight till the very end, even if he gets stabbed, knocked out and lose both of his hands, he is still one of the first mutants to head to the front lines (and frankly one of the first to be taken out) whenever a friend is in danger. He shows true heroism even if those who he saves counts him as a monster or a bomb waiting to explode he still fights for them and then he gets sent to the infirmary because writers hate him for some reason. Even with the distance between the JGSFHL and New York and the fact that Hellion is more of a mutant-centric type of character I still think a different location and different people would make this under-rated (sometimes hated) character much more interesting than the background/casualty character he is today.

Young Loki (Loki Laufeyson)

I'll be honest, I've only read two issues of Journey into Mystery but those two issues made me love this character and earned a place in my list. Young Loki is different from most Asgardian heroes and with that I mean he doesn't just bash his problems with a hammer. He actually plans everything that he does and chooses the most logical way to approach a situation without causing as much casualties. As the god of mischief he plays with his opponents mind and then uses it to his advantage. Plus, he has to deal with his past self's evil deeds which leads to a lot of people not trusting him.

Finesse (Jeanne Foucault)

Out of all the Avengers Academy kids, Finesse is the only one that peaked my interest even when she's forced into a relationship with Reptil it still didn't deter me from following up with her story. Being a daughter of a former villain and the lack of understanding of emotions makes me wonder what type of interactions will she have with the other Young Avengers. Her melee martial arts specialties will add a human perspective in some of the missions they will have and who doesn't like kung-fu.

That's is all for now, I may add some others later but as of now these are the only ones I could think of. What do you guys think?


My Teen Titans Dream Team

As it says up there this are what I wanna see in a Teen Titan roster.
Leader:  Red Robin

 Tim Drake
Co-Leader(or not):  Wonder Girl
Cassandra Sandmark
Miss Martian
 M'gann M'orzz

 Jackson Hyde

Kid Flash

Bart Allen
 Mia Dearden

Rose Wilson
Blue Beetle 
Jamie Reyes
 Lorena Marquez
Virgil Hawkins

Reserve Titans:
Stephanie Brown