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Awesome! 0

Talking about metafiction! This issue is completely crazy, is funny as hell  due to the constant irony and of course, because the issue seems to be dedicated to making a mockery out of Superboy Prime. Poor guy... his rage is understandable. Just a little advice Prime while surfing the web. Beware of the spoilers because curiosity killed Superboy... I mean, the cat....

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At last, the origin 0

I've got to say that this issue was quite interesting. It began with the traumatic and bloody abduction of Kandor and ended with the union of 2 soul mates. Or something like that. It was a good balance of action and drama.  Although I'm still wondering if I'm ok with this relation between Thara and Christopher (who is supposed to be still a kid). But then again, they're aliens, so what should I know....

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Spectacular 0

I know that Knossos is the bad guy here. He murdered Dara's family, he's a drug dealer, he sold weapons to terrorist, he has no respect for human lives... but he's such a complex character, with flaws and virtues that he has become in one of the best villains I've read in years. Despite his self-proclaimed divine origin, he shows so many human characteristics like fear and faith, that as a result gives a perfect character. A great job of the Luna brothers....

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Farewell Manhunter 0

Among my favorite female superheroes, Kate Spencer was one of the best. And the reason was because her "super" side didn't come from metagenes, alien origin, accidents or whatever. She was a normal woman that just wanted justice in her world. And when she was not wearing her suit, she was not only a respected lawyer but also a single mom that was not portrayed as a perfect human being but one with flaws balanced with heroic actions and maybe that's why I like her so much. When she returned, figh...

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God exists and he's Latverian 0

This is definitely the best "What if" story of the year that shows not only Doom's greatness in all his magnitude but his ambivalence between madness and his self-imposed role as our savior. The art is also worth of applause where the Mexican Jorge Molina made one hell of a job and gave us great battles scenes. The only complaint about the issue was the fifth part of the Runaways, foreseeable and completely boring (just as the other parts) so it was no big surprise....

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Best friend 0

I really, really love this issue for a lot of reasons but one in particular. This week I've lost my dog and this story reminds us how your dog will give anything for you, that even when you are on the ground, they will protect you and they will be there, just to share your smile, your happiness. 5 out of 5. Beautiful art, beautiful cover, beautiful story....

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Outstanding! 0

This issue may have everything that Kade means. It has action, pain, death and revenge. And when we thought that we've seen it all, as Priya rest in the ground, a tear is shed by our hero. After all the death and pain that surrounds him, he finally may have started feeling. Just that could have been a great ending for this series, but the real surprise came when we witness the retunn of Priya to the land of the living, now as another Child of the Black Sun. I swear, I cannot wait to read the nex...

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Damn Larry Stroman 0

Ok. The story is not that bad. We have a mystery, we have some funny scenes, and the real Longshot returns and helps with some clues. It shows some interesting plot... but the art... oh my god. Disgusting is just a compliment in this case, it's just so horrible that keeps distracting me from the story. Stroman redefines the word "art" but not in a good sense. How could this guy get a contract anyway?...

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Embrace the Darkness 0

Jackie died once, and he came back. Jackie loved once, and poor little Jenny had to die. So this story arc it's like a déjà vu of everything that's wrong with Jackie and his strong desire to live a normal life. This impossibility is the beauty of this character, his inner and outer darkness is not a gift but a curse that forces him to live alone, sorrounded by death, hate and darkness. And in this issue, when there was a tiny chance of hope and love once again in his life, he had to die (kinda g...

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Horrible... 0

Titans East Special was a very interesting story, great action and violence. The first issue of Titans, was quite the same with the great art of Ian Churchill. But the last 3 issues, as the story unfold, the ending was not only absurd but predictable as well. And to make matters worse, this the worst artwork I've seen in DC since Rob Liefeld worked in Teen Titans (2005). Anyway, the story was mediocre, almost like a soap opera. And the art was horrible, with the lovely Starfire looking like a Se...

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Devastation! 0

More mayhem and destruction. Megatron is not the leading character in this issue but what he says is enough to show him as the ultimate bad@ss we know he is. Is very interesting to see an old character like Danny Witwicky and some human resistance in New York, but come on, we know they could be decimated in seconds. It seems that we have to wait a little longer to see the Autobots retaliation. Nevertheless, great issue!...

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All hell's broken loose 0

The Autobots are gone and planet Earth is defenseless against the whole Decepticons armada. It's not enough to see how pathetic the army against Devastator or the seekers are, but the presence of Megatron is just too much for poor planet Earth to bear it. This issue was simply amazing, specially if you are a Decepticons' fan, and I really can't wait to see what's next. There must be some way to bring Optimus back if the "good guys" want to have a chance to stop all-mighty Megatron, but I sincere...

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