Baal Zaknian Awards 2008

This is the moment when I look back at everything that made this year unforgettable. Those moments that made me wish for everyday to be Wednesday and read one more of my favorite comics, the incredible stories, the stunning art, and the memorable covers.

But sadly, there were also comics that made me realize that I should have spent more time studying and working than reading comics. Anyway, this is the moment for the Baal Zaknian awards of 2008.

"The best, Jerry! The best!"

Best Event of the Year

  • Broken Trinity
Broken Trinity

When the year began, almost in every internet forum, blogs, websites, etc, the discussion were whether Secret Invasion or Final Crisis will become the biggest event of the century. But I was completely sure the Cow had an ace up to its sleeves and with Broken Trinity they will give us another epic event that will keep strengthening the Top Cow mythos. It’s not only a great story, an amazing artwork, but it’s not too intricate that it’s impossible to follow, and it’s not an event of just one fight with thousands of tie-ins. It’s just simple, beautiful, coherent and full of possibilities to expand their universe. Thank you Top Cow.

Best New Series 2008

A lot of new series began this year but the following titles are those that impressed me the most.


  1. Kick-Ass
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Northlanders
Runner-up: Guardians of the Galaxy

Best On-going series

I tried to list only 3 but it was impossible. So I’ve decided to give an award to these 5 titles for another year of greatness.

  • The Sword
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • Justice Society of
  • Thor
  • Hack/Slash

The Sword
Green Lantern Corps
Justice Society of America
Hack/Slash: The Series

Best Mini-series

I’ve heard some rumors that Locke & Key will become a regular series; at least IDW is planning a 30-issues series. I hope so, but until that moment, it’s surely one of the best miniseries of this year.

  1. Locke & Key
  2. X-Men: Magneto Testament
  3. Crossed
Locke & Key
X-Men: Magneto Testament

Best Male Character

  • Jackie Estacado (The Darkness)
    Jackie Estacado

After the events of First Born, Jackie had a daughter and lost his “family” in New York. But this year, he had everything he could ever want and some things that he never wanted. A solid new series, an empire in Central America, a girl made out of darkness. Then he lost everything, his country and the control of the Darkness. Then, he returned to not only to visit his daughter and her sexy mom, but to kill the Angelus and break the Trinity. What a year for Jackie!

Best Female Character

  • Empress Veranke aka Spider-Woman
Empress Veranke

Despite everything we could say about Secret Invasion, Spider-Woman/Veranke’s omnipresence in the Marvel Universe was undeniable. And she was not only a manipulative woman but one extremely hot, just ask Ant-Man who tried to climb her twin peaks…eh… Anyway, the award goes for her.

Best Writer of the Year

  1. Geoff Johns (Green Lantern; Action Comics)
  2. Ron Marz (Broken Trinity; Witchblade)
  3. Abnett & Lanning (Nova; Guardians of the Galaxy)

Best Artist of the Year


  1. Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade; Broken Trinity)
  2. Dale Eaglesham (Justice Society of America)
  3. Olivier Coipel  (Thor)

Best Cover of the Year

I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot…

Secret Invasion: Inhumans #01 by S. Sejic
  1. Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1
  2. Superman #680
  3. The New Avengers # 38
Superman #680 by Alex Ross

Best Adapted series

The idea is that these stories are not “original” from the comics universe, but the adaptation has been great so far.

All Hail Megatron

  1. The Transformers: All Hail Megatron
  2. World of Warcraft
  3. Gears of War

World of Warcraft
Gears of War

Surprise of the year

This is a special category. When the idea was launched I had no real expectations about the title, but it turned out to be a solid idea. Interesting story and great artwork. I’m completely sold!

X-Force: The X-Men black ops

Most touching death in the year

Ladies and gentlemen, one minute of silence… an icon is gone.

Final Crisis: Requiem

  • Martian Manhunter

"The absolute worst. The worst, Jerry!"

Sadly, not everything in this year was worth of celebration, because we had the…

Worst Event of the Year

One big brawl at the end and lots of retrospective tie-ins

  • Secret Invasion

There’s too much that is completely wrong in Secret Invasion.  Lots of tie-ins that lead us to nowhere (Punisher, Young Avengers/Runaways, BND: Spider-Man), a mediocre story, no surprises at all in almost 92 titles with the Secret Invasion banner and the most stupid ending possible. All the character that were kidnapped were not only alive but gathered in one place ready to be rescued and then... a big party celebration, lots of hugs and kisses... Jesus Christ!  Anyway, Secret Invasion was just a load of hype for nothing.

Disappointment of the Year

  • Trinity
  • Titans

I tried to like Trinity, I really did. But I’m lost, I don’t know where it’s going and why the tarot has something to do with the DC trinity… I mean, come on. I’m open-minded, but relating some cards reading with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman is quite stupid.  And I don’t want to talk about Titans. Except for the first issue when Starfire was naked, nothing good came from this book.

Trinity, then a dark Trinity, I still don't know where it's going...
Crappy art, stupid stories... just a waste of time and decent characters.

Worst Artist of the Year

  • Larry Stroman (X-Factor)
I don’t want to waste my time with this so-called artist. X-Factor is dead for me.

Worst Writer of the Year

  • Jeph Loeb (The Ultimates 3)
Man… what did you do with the Ultimates?! It’s completely unforgivable.

Most Absurd death possible

  • Wasp
Janet aka the skrull bio-bomb in Secret Invasion #8

Aaaargh! That’s what I say Wasp. Don’t worry, maybe Hank Pym decides to make a deal with Mephisto and bring you back to life.

"That's gold, Jerry! Gold!"

Well, that's all for this year, and I'm sure that next year will be 300 % better, with Dark Reign and War of Kings in Marvel, more of Locke & Key thanks to IDW, The Darkness & The Pitt and War of the Witchblade in Top Cow and obviously the most expected event in the DCU: The Blackest Night. And many other big events like Rise of the Olympians, Superman: Secret Origin, etc. So, like Kenny Bania says, comics are still...

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Love your choices

Posted by pixelized

I Liked Broken Trinity, but i felt it was a touch over hyped. The art was obviously amazing, but the story wasn't really a page turner. it was just ok for me.

Posted by Quintus_Knightfall

Sick blog son.

Posted by aztek_the_lost

which issue is Starfire naked? coughs I mean, nice blog :P

Posted by Baal Zak

Thanks guys. And about BT I understand your point pixelized, it was a good event but it had the potential to be even better. It was too short, too fast but despite all that, it was better (in art and story) than SI and FC (until now). That is why I've chosen it as the best event of the year :)

@ aztek
Titans #01

mmmmm :D
Posted by King Saturn
This Is Very Nice Buddy
Posted by aztek_the_lost
Baal Zak said:
"Thanks guys. And about BT I understand your point pixelized, it was a good event but it had the potential to be even better. It was too short, too fast but despite all that, it was better (in art and story) than SI and FC (until now). That is why I've chosen it as the best event of the year :)

@ aztek
Titans #01
mmmmm :D


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Great job.

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I absolutely agree with your best male character and best artist choices :'D