Favorite men. Heroes and Villains.

No particular order. With the exception of Catman, he's #1 for good reason.

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Posted by eldestrisk

Great choices.

Posted by Video_Martian
@eldestrisk said:
"Great choices."
Posted by Renee

Awesome guys. <3

Posted by Hawkeye446

Nice mix of DC/Marvel, Villain/Hero! Not to mention Hawkeye skirting 20!

Posted by Cervantes

Great list, B -- some I'd never heard of before. 
I'd move Buck Rogers up just because of Buck Rogers and the 25th Century (on instant view on Netflix) -- funny actor and Erin Gray was perfect as Wilma Deering. 
Olivia is a great Catwoman choice, but Erin Gray would have been the smartest, most subtle and sexy Cat by far. Here's a fan video someone made of clips of Erin from the series: 
Are we agreed? ('_') 
Posted by B'Town


I did move Buck up. He is now in my top 20, these were not necessarily in order of my faves but the top 20 are now. :D

Also, I couldn't agree more on Erin playing Catwoman. I am by the way a Wilma Deering fan, one of my prize possessions is my Wilma Deering key chain. This key chain makes me smile most every time I pick it up. Wilma is a character, I am attracted to for the history of strong women in comics, more than anything else.

Posted by redhood21

catman #1 ftw!