Marvel Cross Over Event: Precourser to Galactic Doom

The Future is an unparalleled Utopian age. Cap and Stark are elected as Pres/VP of the USA, Reed solves World Hunger and Free Energy, Mutants are wide spread and globally accepted, etc . . . in the meantime, Myrter (Phyla Vell) as the avatar of Death abuses her power resurrects her brother (Genis Vell) going by Pulsar, and Magus (Adam Warlock). He believes that heroes aren't heroes in an age of peace and feels betrayed by the Avengers. Evil, Chaos, and Conflict creates Heroes ... not power alone. So he lures Doctor Doom with unlimited power, Needing His mastery of science and magic with a propensity to see the grey in black and white, but Doom renounces their offer having reformed and his face and relationship with Reed healed. They then force their hand by luring Galactus to earth after "nutralizing" the Surfer. In a Fury, Galactus attcks Earth. The four of them capture Galactus in the Dark Dimension but Doom is used as a sacrificial lamb. All of Galactus's power (size, resemblance and planetary hunger) are siphoned into Doom to become a force to purge old figureheads and usher in "True Heroes". First using him to kill Thanos and Death herself so that Pulsar dubs himself the New Mad God of Chaos and Myrter is the New Everlasting Death. Galactus had millennia to satiate his appetite but Doom, driven insane by it, begins the consumption of the known universe uninhibited. When he rips a hole in the fabric of reality to escape, Kree, Skrull, and Shiar space are first to be consumed. When Asguard is finally attacked, Earths Heroes fight and are all killed by this Galactic Doom. The Survivors escape to New Counter Earth created by High Evolutionary, Asguardian refugees escape too Avalon/Other World by a sacrificed Cpt. Britain. the last of the Shiar, Kree and Skrulls make it to the Negative Zone as allies after Galactic Doom decimates the Annihilation Wave. Pulsar uses the Dark Dimension as his Haven of Chaos. After non-stop feeding Doom eventually over-expands nearly cause another big bang. He goes into hibernation before he can devour the entire universe. In this age, Young Heroes mature and New Heroes are born: Earth 52

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