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@Babs: He-Man, Lion-O, Namor, Kazar just to name a few. I don't pay attention to half naked men and complain. I'm just used to it. The objectification of Women in Comics is waaaaaaaaay out of proportion and not nearly as big a deal as everyone thinks. A few artists (Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, etc) definitely went a little over board but comics are supposed to be ridiculous. They're fantasies. Relax.

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Muderer? Jason kills . . . Villians. while Bruce avoids killing he has more than one life on his hands. Jason is no worse than Bruce, he just has over a decade of psychological issues half of wich involve his "resurection", ras ahl goul, and Batman directly

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@ThomasElliot: awesome idea for the Flash!!!

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@Mister_Sensational: :) like

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am i the only one who's insulted that it seems like none of these comic book creators even care about the question and just have self promoting or mocking answers?! fucking idiots ... seriously though. X-Men ala Mass Effect style would kick ass. same with Avengers, FF. or a Gears of War Co-Op game would be cool. Like Marvel Team up or Crossover stories. Fastball Special? i didnt like the Ultimate alliance games because it spread the attention too thin, combat was a mess and the plot was boring.

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GREAT LIST!!!! I think Del Toro would be more in the ranks of RDJ than Chris Evans . . .but what about Baron Mordo?! He's always been Strange's heel. I'd love to see more Casting Calls like how Wizard used to do in the 90's . . . Like a X-men re-cast . . . Am I the only one who's tired of the 9th Wolverine movie or terrible wanna-be X-men remake?

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there are so many facets to get "right" to make a company great. the only reason WWE is great is exposure. Impact (TNA) is aspiring to greatness because its "different". the people who mock Cena for his lack of wrestling skills (myself included) overlook AJ Styles' lack of mike skills and unimpressive physique (Cena's obvious strengths). right now neither company has good bookers or writers and in my opinion those are almost more important than in ring talent or mike skills. Backstage politics and talented wrestlers with a sense of entitlement are whats killing the industry today (as well as fans that support this inferior product). CM Punk vs Cena encapsulates everything that is good as well as everything that is rotting the business. Cena is the Corporate work horse (good) that is physique and talk over talent (bad). Punk is a IWC fav with an underutilized move set and in ring ability. incredible on the mike as well. but his abused talents have left him understandably bitter and jaded. hopefully Triple H will allow some amazing young talent to get a push, accentuate the tag team and diva's division and give wrestling its ball back with tables chairs blood and sexuality, along with proper wrestling and good stories.

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@NightFang: How do you figure? Beast is smarter than Cyc and meny of the other X-Men are arguably more powerful. And Cap is far from the most intelligent or most powerful. Batman is easily more intelligent than Supes
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WAIT!!!!! . . . . . What was wrong with Xtreme X-Men?! I thought it had good chemistry and had most ( if not all) of those steriotypes.

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 . . . . . . . =D that was so God@&* F%^&ing Awesome!!!!!!!
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