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Angels and Avengers 0

We finally get to see how Young Warren deals with his future self. The Avengers also confront Hank about disrupting the time stream. Watch B3Comics' review to see more!...

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AvX 2.0 0

Bendis' work with the X-Men these past few months has been absolutely superb. And this issue is no different. The New Xavier School has its first real run in with the Avengers and the encounter is nothing short of riveting. With some great one liners interspersed among great plot-progressing dialogue, this series and the Mutant Revolution is off to an undeniably strong start! Watch our recap and review of the issue below!...

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Who Rules the Roost? 0

Batman is shaken after his ordeal with the Joker in Death of the Family and the death of Damian in Batman Incorporated #8. This provides the perfect opportunity for Ignatius Ogilvy to strike. Who will win in the battle of the Penguins? Watch B3Comics’ review below!...

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A Slow Start 0

The desolation of Ultron not only leaves the the streets of New York City an utter wasteland but leaves the pages of the first issue feeling a little empty. The creators really hammer home the message that nearly all hope is already lost. A slow but intriguing start to Marvel's next big event. Watch our review and recap below!...

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Teen Titan Love Boat? 0

The Teen Titans attempt to recover from their stint in Gotham. But how they blow off steam might end up causing even more problems. Plus, Raven is back! Watch our review to see what we think....

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School Planning 0

In the second issue of Uncanny X-Men, we finally get a glimpse into Emma Frost's psyche after the events of AvX. Bendis' characterization of Emma and the new students helps to establish what the New Charles Xavier School is really about. Watch B3Comics' review as we discuss Emma, the school, and more!...

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Robin's Final Flight! 0

Grant Morrison made Damian Wayne the Boy Wonder when he wrote Batman and Robin. Now, in Batman Incorporated #8, he brings Damien’s story to a close. Watch B3Comics’ review of the issue to find out how and hear our analysis!...

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Just Peachy 0

Sam Alexander, the newest Nova Corps member, makes a great first impression as an amiable small town kid. With some great art and a cameo appearance by some of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the first story arc of the new series seems to be headed in the right direction. Watch our review below as we recap and discuss this first issue!...

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Hail to the King! 0

The Throne of Atlantis ends here! Find out who becomes king and what lies ahead for the Justice League in B3Comics' review of Justice League #17....

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Memory Manipulations 0

Secret Avengers in Marvel NOW begins with a resounding "meh". Nick Spencer does set up interesting future conflicts regarding memory manipulation, but the first issue suffers from pacing issues as well as Marvel's continued effort to shove Nick Fury Jr down our throats. Watch our recap and review below to hear our thoughts!...

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Mutant Field Trip! 0

Jason Aaron redirects the series’ focus in Wolverine and the X-Men #25. Logan takes the kids on a field trip to the Savage Land! Watch our review to find out how things went!...

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Betrayer to the Cause 0

Uncanny X-Men is finally back! We finally get to see what Scott Summers has been up to post-AvX. The guy is starting a mutant revolution! But things aren't all positive. He is still a wanted criminal. And he doesn't know their is a traitor in his midst! Find out which of his closest allies is ready to stab him in the back in our video review below!...

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The Last Laugh 0

Scott Snyder solidifies Death of the Family’s place as one of the greatest Joker stories ever with Batman #17.What’s on the Joker’s plate? How has the Joker been able to capture the Bat Family? Does the Joker know Batman better than anyone? Who got the last laugh?We answer all of these questions and provide our own opinions in the video below!...

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Epic Mustache Fail 0

Despite some interesting concepts, Iron Man did not have the most exciting opening arc. The new Godkiller arc, with its amazing name, seemed destined to be the gamechanger. Though the juries still out, the first issue fails to capture a sense of excitement and anticipation. Nonetheless, it does shine in some fun Tony-being-Tony moments....

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Smasher Smashes 0

This issue brings more introductions, this time focusing on Izzy Dare aka Smasher. Though this issue does a much better job in portraying a more compelling character than last issue's Hyperion backstory, the fact remains that for the time being the Avengers overarching story is progressing at a snail's pace....

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Tough Decisions 0

To put simply, the introductory arc to the New Avengers series has been epic. The Illuminati face not only a challenge worthy of their collective power and intellect but must also address the ethical differences bound to arise when such strong-willed and powerful men unite....

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A Unique Trio 0

Marvel NOW! keeps churning out new series - some more developed and better thought out than others. But perhaps no new series has as much potential as Fearless Defenders. Though some iffy poses and forced character moments hold back the first issue (and lead to our mixed review), the unique team comp laid out in the first issue emphasizes the new and interesting places this series could take us....

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Mystique Gets In Cyclop's Head! 0

Brian Michael Bendis continues his incredible All-New X-Men run! This time Mystique has come in to stir up some trouble. She does her best twist the Young Scott Summers!...

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Doc's Brand of Justice 0

Doc Ock's brutal form of justice comes under the spotlight as he encounters his old friend and ally, the Vulture. Slott continues to keep the novelty of Doc Ock as Spider-Man fresh, but with Ghost Peter ever present, we can't help but wonder how soon will Peter return....

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A Robin Parent Trap 0

Red Robin and Red Hood are put to the test by the Joker in a perfect example of a filler issue. Death of the Family continues to be an overall sound and riveting read, but in every big event there are those issues that undeniably seem hollow....

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Dark Waters Ahead 0

Ocean Master unleashes his might against the surface world and the Justice League. After Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are captured, it comes down to Cyborg to save the day. What twists does the Throne of Atlantis have left in store?...

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Mastermind Revealed 0

Throne of Atlantis has been a surprisingly captivating event with some epic set pieces (the submerging of Gotham), great character moments (the showdown between Ocean Master and Aquaman), and of course, the expansion of the Justice League. In this penultimate issue, the event gets even better with a shocking twist. Did anyone else really see this coming?...

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Hack and Slash with Sif 0

Though Lady Sif's adventures as a Berserker might not make the most thought provoking read - actually far from it - but they do make for an action packed romp. With some eye-catching art, witty gags, and an interesting upcoming guest appearance, there's hope yet that this iteration of Journey could live up to the wondrous Kid Loki run....

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Superior Surprises 0

The novelty of Doc Ock parading around as Peter Parker has definitely not worn off yet. In this issue, Slott provides some good laughs and some much needed direction to the somewhat creepy Superior Spiderman/MJ relationship....

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