Product of his environment. Is he really Super?

Clark Kent chooses to be Superman because of his modest upbringing by the Kents, who instil in him certain values and a moral compass which guides him to this day. Many of us have read the else world stories where Kal-El is raised in different environments, such as in the Soviet Union or raised by the Luthors etc. These stories give us a look into how much Clark Kent is influenced by setting and the people around him.

Recently I read a very good Superman fan fiction where the author reinvented Supermans origin, keeping many things the same but also altering little details. One of which was the part where Jor-El and Lara send Kal-El from Krypton, and how and where they intended him to land on Earth. Upon the craft reaching our planet, Jor-El originally designed it to scan the Earth for a suitable and uninhabited part of the world to land, where the ship would then erect the Fortress Of Solitude around the baby Kal-El. He intended this to be the place that Kal-El would grow up, in solitude away from the humans, and I'm assuming that the Fortress would have built robots to care for the boy and would teach him about Krypton and how to use his powers etc.

While this doesn't actually happen due to the ship being damaged during its decent into Earths atmosphere, leading it to land at the Kents farm, it does make me wonder what kind of Superman would we have had if this DID happen. What would his personality be? What would his views be? Would he still care about the human race?

If we are just products of the environments and the people that raise us, Jonathan and Martha Kent must be among the Earth most unsung heroes for raising the Last Son of Krypton the way they did. If they hadn't, Earth's greatest hero could of easily become Earth's greatest nightmare.

Who would Clark be if he was raised here?

My version of Superman and Krypton Part 2

Before reading this it's probably a good idea to read my first blog as this is Part 2.

This details Clarks teenage years. It's still uncompleted and a rough but I need some peoples opinions, specifically on how Clark can atone for his actions. What do you think?

Teenage Years

Time began to take on a peculiar quality for Clark, having little need to sleep, he would spend his nights studying everything from human history, sciences, geography, and languages. He amassed an incredibly amount of knowledgeable helped by a combination of his ability to process information at blinding speed and his photographic memory.

However, Clark would soon become restless during his lonely nights, and began venturing out into the world using his power of flight. Originally staying within the boundaries of Kansas, Clark soon sort a grander stage to explore, and travelled all over America. He quickly became intrigued by the noise and lights of Metropolis, and set down to explore the city on foot. However, his wonder would soon turn to horror as screams of pain and terror assaulted his highly developed senses. Disorientated, Clark rushed to the scene of a violent mugging, and intervened, effortless dealing with the would be robbers, and left the unconscious men slumped in the gutter. Emboldened by his success, Clark continued his travels, and began to feel a sense of purpose while preventing crimes and protecting others.

This would continue for the next year, and Clark became highly confident in his skills and began developing a cocky streak. However, one night while silently passing over suicide slums, Clark came across a gun fight and quickly swooped down to intervene. The ferocious battle between two warring gangs had several innocent civilians pinned down leaving them to afraid of attempting to run, one of which heavily pregnant young woman. Landing, Clark struck out at the thugs sending them flying in all directions, those left standing he fixed with his fiery gaze, melting the guns in their hands, giving little thought as to how badly the scorching metal would burn their skin. The next moments would haunt the dreams of Clark for many years to come. As one of the cowardly men rose up and trained his gun on the shadowy figure that was Clark, he pulled the trigger, sending a volley of bullets in Clark’s direction. At this point Clark was know stranger to being shot at by desperate criminals, and had come to find their expressions amusing when their bullets ricocheted or crumpled against his chest. As the bullets streaked at Clark he briefly considered vaporizing them with his heat vision, but was in a somewhat playful mood and allowed them to hit him. The bullets struck him one by one as he walked towards the incredulous thug, until the last shot hit Clark’s harder than iron ribcage on the left side, sending the bullet ricocheting off to the left and tearing through the chest of the heavily pregnant teenager.

Clark heard the bullet penetrate the young woman’s flesh with perfect clarity, a sound he would be unable to forget for many years to come. The world seemed to freeze as he watched the woman fall to the floor, but Clark was effectively frozen to the spot in horror, completely ineffective and unable to reach her. The next hours passed in a blur, Clark could remember the sirens as the police and ambulance crews arrived on scene as he hovered silently high above in the sky, unable to blink or look away. He would follow the paramedics to hospital, listening as they attempted to do what Clark could not, save the girls life. Despite the paramedics best efforts the young woman died in the back of the blood stained ambulance. Unable to listen to anymore, Clark fled to the stars, and would not been seen for two weeks.

Unbeknown to Clark, the paramedics were able to save the life of dead woman’s baby, which they delivered by C section.

An orphan from birth, the baby girl would be placed in several orphanages and foster homes until running away and growing up on the streets. In the present day this girl is known only as Mercy Graves….