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Name: Tera Zulua

Title: Azylum, Warden, Patient Zero

Alias: Zulu, Zuly, Zula

Height: 5'7

Weight: 113

Hair: Violet Green Or Black

Eyes: Blue ocasionally glow violet

Family: Father Dr Alex Ross Arklem(Deceased) Mother Tera Zulua(Deceased)

Fighting Style: kick claw bite and blow up

Weapons: Is known to use a gun that fires extremely poisonous darts. Shes also equiped gloves with small adamantium claws coated in this material. And has a ring blade


Powers Out Asylum: Inhuman flexibility able to literally bend in any direction, this provides slight durability in the sense that bones don't seem to break. Object teleportation, the ability to teleport objects to her or within thirty feet of her. The dimensional rift seems to have no limits in quantity or variety. This also allows her to teleport up to thirty feet in any direction. Phasing. One of the curious aspects of her particular phasing is that it doesn’t require breathing. This ability is done by a control of allowing her matter to move through space between molecules. This process can often wear out another body leading it to become unconscious. However phasing objects or through objects can be hard and painful if the density is an extreme such as metals like adimantium. This can also allow her to travel on air or disrupt electronics. Psionics and magic in particular have strong effects on the woman. The other abilities are Pyrokinesis and Electrokinesis: originating from the right and left hand or foot respectively these however are just shockwaves more then anything elaborate.

What the biggest difference of the Azylum in the Asylum and the Azylum out the Asylum is the Reality Warping and Twin. In the Asylum one could say her mind is at least one and some what free of voices in her head. Out of the prison however the mind physically splits the girl into two. Resulting in a green haired and a violet haired Zulu. One might say the voice in Azylum’s head takes a physical manifestation when outside of the Asylum.

Powers In Asylum: Outside of the asylum maybe she would be above street level if that. Her real power though is in the asylum she calls home. Here shes able to pass through objects, or be anywhere in the building. Shes been known to bring ones fears into reality and to summon things that can only be described as demonic. Her favorite abilities though are the generation and manipulation of fire, as well as the ability to turn into and summon ravens.

Weakness: Her abilities are hard to use conseculatively two abilities easy, three hard, any more imposible. And while shes very active and energetic she does tire, keep her using alot of power for a good amount of time and she'll pass out.

Weapon of Choice: Ring Blade, able to expand from the size of a ring to a hoop thirty feet in diameter. The blade despite weighing 50tons is used effortlessly by the lunatic. It is believed this is some kind of "you must be my kinda crazy" enchantment. It is no stronger then steel but doesn't break. It also changes colors.

History: Expanded on in the asylum thread


Name: Zulu/Zuly

Hair: Violet and Green

Eye color: Half Violet and Half Green rotating counter clockwise

Weight: 90

Height: 5'5"

Age: 21

Attire: Azylum has no particular dress other then bizarre. She often goes with things inappropriate or obscene. Her preferred outfit however is the strait jacket she has painted various colors.

Personalities: Thanks to a lobotomy her sisters are now in the back of her head. They were Amanda of Lust, Zera of Gluttony, Rachel of Greed, Ariel of Sloth, Elliot of Wrath, Lucy of Envy, and Sara of pride. She is now complete, yet not so much. Her thought process is less sporadic but in exchange the voices have begun talking alot...in the end she is apsolutely psychotic

Powers: Eye beems, empathy, shape shifting, mutation, pheramones, healing(over night). As personalities vanished her powers came to a chaotic full. Telekenisis, pyrokinesis right hand, electrokinesis left hand, phasing, shadow teleportation, decay feet, invulnerability(god levels)

Unpredictable: When things go haywire sometimes a verion of her manifests there can be up to eight.

Weakness her resistances are limited. All of her can burn but right hand, shock all but left hand, decay abilities would hurt all but her feet. she also has a horibal attention span.

Weapons: Vendetta a circular bladed given to her from Azrael. The blade was maid by weapon specialists in Hell so that it coulld blend with Azylum's abilities. Made of a hellish version of adamantium the blade is virtually indistructible and absorbs energies used against it as added damage the most dominant being the powers of Azylum herself. The blades themself The blade is possessed by a demon that is bound to Azy and there for will allways find its way back to its master. The blades move inwards when another person besides Az or Azy is in the center ring. The last ability of the blade is its adjustable size. It can go from its large blade to the size of a bracelet so it can be carried easly. The blade also can go bigger if needed. Now able to become other weapons

History: Not much is known of Azylum's past even on her behalf. Her family friends and home are believed to be what was in ruin where they found her. The angel Gabriel and demon Surtur found out about the actions of Azrael and felt there was a need to put an end to her actions. Gabriel had Surtur provide assistance in possessing Azylum. A dangerous mix of angel and demon energy put into her veins. The lack of balance however is what allowed her mind to snap. Police arrested her and placed her in an insane asylum were she was held.

In time though Azylum staged a breakout and was recruited by a woman by the name of Queen Cobra. A few months later Azrael took entrest in the woman and also sought her tallents. Azylum became part of the Crimson Legion of Tenebrasque In. She filled the rule of the sin pride and began training with Azrael. Months went by without a sight of the psychopath. She did of course resurface eventually. Her reapearence being in a unknown town unfortunant enough to have demons surface thanks to a scientist's works gone rouge.

After the event with the scientist Tenebra fell under assault by the HellFire Club under the cloack of being operatives of the U.S. It was during this time she confronted Ravek The Conquror. If not for Sarah she proubably would of been crushed by their own brief attack. It was later that she journeyed into the warp with Kaligar, Azra, and Kastiel. During this event she worked with Slanesh a dark god of lust untill she could stab him in the night. Sence her return shes laid low being captured during the invasion of France and being locked into a mental institute untill later notice.

Much to her furious annoyance one of her hers died during the raid on S.C.A.R.S. They gave her a lobotomy to try and clear her head, her abilities gain focus her mind gets much worse. She is now the most loveable, psychotic, lazy, destructive greedy, cowardly, scary homicidal woman possibly ever.....