Richmond, Virginia Comic Convention!

In my 20 year relationship with comic books, I have never been to a convention before!  I just recently started getting reconnected with my inner geek, and when I dropped by my favorite comic shop ( Atlantis Games & Comics), I noticed a flyer by the register.  It had Batman leaping over "VA" with running across the front.  I saw that it was advertising something on May 23rd in Richmond.  I picked it up and learned about the Central Virginia Comicon.  I've always wanted to go to comicons, but they were always so far away, like San Diego or Philly.  Now it's in Richmond on May 23, 2010?!  I think I'm finally gonna go to my first one...
If any of y'all are experienced with going to comicons, I'm anxiously awaiting any suggestions for my first experience!
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I was SUPPOSED to go to the last one, but it was on a Sunday and i had Church.
"Dear God...just stay out of my way!"
Ikid ikid, don't kill me!

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oh come on... you dont have to me in church every Sunday... 
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@King Saturn said:
" oh come on... you dont have to me in church every Sunday... 
LOL that sunday i did, was in a play -__-
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@Sha: What was your role?
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I was a Drugged out woman, who was filled with the word of God.

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@Sha:  So...your an actress now LOlz.
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LOL something like that hahaha

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@Sha:  Weren't you embarrassed or something?
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No lol, why would i be?

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@Sha:  Where you nervous? Is that question i meant.
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I might finally be able to meet Sha...I really really really want to go...

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I live 5 miles a way

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A couple of us from Hampton Roads are taking a trip from the 757 to check it out in the 804.  Anybody been to a VA Comicon before?

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YES! I live in the Washington DC area so this isn't too far away from where I live.

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So what can I anticipate?  How much money should I bring?  What's there to do?  I know it's going to be a small convention, but I'm sooooooooo excited!

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@aZuLPiNoY: yeah dude i plan on going, i live in richmond. ive never been though. im with you, i dont know what to expect or what to bring or anything. i dont even know when it starts! the website isnt very informative...
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Ive been to one before, i went through 50 bucks within the first half hour. Defiantly take a camera.
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So did you go man. If so, what did you think?

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@Starscream49:   I had low expectations before I went because I didn't want to get disappointed.  There were great deals on comics, I got to talk to lots of local talented people in the business like Bill Meiggs, Tim Dzon & Dan Nokes, and there was even some cosplay from the attendees!  Overall, it was an awesome first experience.  I can't wait to go to a bigger, more established convention!