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 Multiple Personality Disorders Gone Wild!
I've been doing a lot of reading recently and my favorite title right now is COWBOY NINJA VIKING.  I listened to the VineCast from May 21, 2010 and A.J. Lieberman and G-Man toyed around with a crossover between Batman & Duncan.  When Lieberman mentioned " DC/ Image crossover," my mind started racing.  I quickly thought of all the people that Duncan could kill that would be really fun.  I remember a character named Codpiece from Vertigo.  If you don't know who Codpiece is, check out G-Man's video he posted called " Everything You Wanted To Know About...CODPIECE!"  I know it's Vertigo and Shadowline, but if Duncan didn't kill him right away, I think Codpiece could make it... He's messed up enough, and who knows, he might qualify as a triplet!  I love how random my brain works sometimes.  Imagining Duncan seeing Codpiece for the first time and the discussion that Cowboy, Ninja, and Viking would have about the villain had me rolling...
If you don't know what Codpiece looks like, I'll give you a quick flash...

 I wanna dress up like him for the next con!

i less than three komiks,
~  Aerock
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Laser shooting dick? lol.