From Atlantis to San Diego Comic-Con

 FREE tickets to San Diego Comic-Con 2010!
Atlantis Games & Comics does a lot of gaming events and midnight madness game nights, but it hasn't been giving the comics the love they deserve. Realizing that, the shop decided to do Comic Appreciation Day this past Saturday, June 19th.  There were snacks for shoppers to munch on as the shop raffled off prizes and gave insane deals on comic related merchandise.  ALL of the shop's comic back issues were $1.00 each, ALL shelved graphic novels were $6.00 each, and ALL 300+ variant covers and autographed comics were cover price.  The toys, statues, & t-shirts were heavily discounted as well.  One awesome treat was that for every $10.00 spent, the shop gave a raffle ticket.  Bonus raffle tickets were given for friends brought and if customers came in costume.  The top prizes were two 4-Day Passes to San Diego Comic-Con.  They also raffled statues, board games, toys, retailer exclusive comics, graphic novels & trade paperbacks.  The store went all out and had HEROCLIX demonstrations from 2 - 4 PM and had comic book movies like Hulk vs. Wolverine, Hulk vs. Thor, Bat Thumb, and much more on the television as well.
 How I felt after finding some of the deals
One of my friends showed up after I told her she could probably find Grimm Fairy Tales comic books at the sale.  She ended up finding theGrimm Fairy Tales TPB Box Set (2009 Vol. 1-6) for $60!  Man, that's a great deal in my opinion.  She said that she probably won't donate these to the library after she's done reading them, but she'll probably give them to me when she's done reading them.  I stayed silent and played it cool, but I really wanted to yell out "Byyyyaaaaaahh!" in victory.  She also gave me a sweet Punisher jersey that she had laying around for free.  I found a whole bunch of cool comics too.  Some of the highlights I got from my dig were a hardcover graphic novel of Hexed, Black Canary #1 (limited to 50 copies signed by Tony Bedard with a certificate of authenticity from Dynamic Forces), Marvel Comics Presents #1 (limited to 90 copies signed by Marc Guggenheim with a DF CoA), New Mutants #1 Dynamic Forces Variant (limited to 699 copies with a DF CoA), and some $1 books like Cerebus #'s 25 & 27, Marvel Team-Up #46, and Spectacular Spider-Man #'s 26 & 27.  I ended up getting 15 raffle tickets & hoped for a winning call back!
 SHEW from Fist of the North Star
Well, I didn't win the tickets to Comic-Con, but I did win 3 other prizes!  One of their employees left me a voice mail saying I won a Northstar bust, 3 booster packs for HEROCLIX, and a Nexus Vol. 2 trade from Dark Horse Comics.  After I listened to the voice mail, I was like SWEET!  But then I thought of the bust they said I won...  When I called back, I was like, "Isn't Northstar the gay from Alpha Flight?" He quickly corrected me and asked what kind of prize would that be?  He said it was from the manga.  Then I was like, "Oooooh, Fist of the North Star..."  Man, we were both cracking up!  I had a fun weekend!
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