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The Calm Before the Storm 0

In my opinion, this book is a bridge in the series and is a lot slower than the other books as it sort of serves as a transition between the first and second parts of the miniseries.In this book, the main characters focused on are Jazz, Johnny Dee and Mammomax. All of these characters rarely make appearances in comics and so some might be disappointed at them coming into prominence now...The book is mainly pointing out that The 198 have many enemies, and the survival of mutant kind will likely n...

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The Legend of Drizzt Continues 0

Like its predecessor this book is also a great installment in the legend of Drizzt and only heightens the pace of this exciting series.In this volume, we see Drizzt grow more and more in his understanding of both his race, the Drow, and of himself. He begins to train under Drow other than Zaknafein, and so is introduced to a much more harsh world.Also, the ending of this volume in the series begins to truly show Drizzt's feelings towards his race. Though still refusing to kill any of them he is ...

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Intro to the Legend of Drizzt 0

First off, I have to say this book was far from what I expected, I never imagined it could be so AWESOME! I never would have believed a combination of my two favorite forms of literature (comics and fantasy novels) could become something even better.The book mainly starts out as an introduction to the realm of the Drow, and their way of life. They are a murderous people who care nothing for the lives of their brethren and simply live to seek higher status.Then we meet Drizzt, the oddity of his r...

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Though this comic differs slightly from the rest of the series, I must give the warning nonetheless because of some mild nudity.This book has quite a different feel from both its predecessors and successors as it is not necessarily a story, in fact it barely relates to the characters at all.Instead the book is made to explain witchcraft in the world today and its customs, it just tries to parallel this to characters in the comic in order to keep the reader's attention.Things such as the entities...

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Alpha Ending 0

Any encounter between Purgatori and Chastity will always be welcome in my opinion but I think this would be one of my favorites.First off I liked that it focused on Purgatori, as she is my favorite of the two and I enjoyed all the bloodshed and carnage she brought about.Also, the fight itself was quite spectacular, well fought on both sides...but to me the surprise came when I realized it was Heresy who was the enemy and Purgatori and Chastity would have to work together.The final fight was inte...

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The Witchblade 0

For the first issue of a great series, it didn't have the awe inspiring effect I was expecting.Instead the book was quite slow, and had very little action...even with all the murder it was mostly the thoughts of Sara Pezzini. And her views on her own life and the world around her.However, it is always good to see Sara in a dress like that one, and by the time I was at the ending the book was getting really good.The conclusion with the crime lords, Lee and Pezzini's sacrifice was really exciting ...

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First off, it should be stated right from the start that this issue, as well as many others in the series is meant for mature readers and displays themes inappropriate for children.I myself enjoyed the issue, especially the friendly relationship between sisters (Raven Hex and Tarot), as they are often seen as enemies.However, my favorite parts of the comic are Raven comments and actions:I enjoyed all her jokes about Jon and found their interaction during the torture scene hilarious!Also, I liked...

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My First Manga 0

First off I must explain the reason for the low-ranking just be explaining the experience of reading this volume, my first manga.I found the book on the floor at school one day and at first glance thought it was hentai. I began to read it, but it made absolutely no sense and I was about to throw it away.I closed it only to read the "front" cover which said that the Japanese read backwards and the front is the other side.Feeling like an idiot I turned the book around and began to read it, with tr...

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The Big Three 0

I must say that at least in most cases I wouldn't see a comic like this as being one I'd be interested in. This is because of the fact that I don't usually read DC but this comic is different from my usual stereotype of the series.This is the beginning of the one series that every DC hater should love, in this series the entire DC Universe is focused upon yet Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman NEVER once appear (at least not in their costumed identities).And so instead it focuses on the lesser he...

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ONE vs. 198 0

I think that this comic was likely my least favorite in the five part series, its main focus is on the fight between the government (ONE) and the refugee mutants (198).However I still, as usual, enjoy any display of Mr. M's nigh-infinite power as he never uses it for his own gain. His using of the force fields to stop the fight was completely unexpected, and his healing of Lorelei's prehensile hair was something I would have thought impossible.However, my favorite parts of the comic are both the...

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Looking Back 0

Well, everyone now knows the popular team that is the Exiles, you also may know that their series has been restarted as the New Exiles. But after this was done I was taken aback, then again I remembered this issue, the first installment in a great series. Perhaps they remembered the success of the first number one and wished to try it out again, I guess it worked.Now, back to this issue. Exiles #1 was a great comic book to me, it was actually the first Marvel comic I ever read and I can assure y...

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