Vertigo Comics Currently Available in the DC Digital Store

Comics Available that Are Worthwhile Purchases (As They Are Out of Print)

Unsurprisingly, Vertigo makes available digitally what you can already buy in several in-print formats rather then possibly earning money on properties that otherwise make them nothing when you purchase them, so here I thought I'd list the highlights that aren't in-print (ideally all comics would be in print to begin with like any other medium but that'll never happen).

  • Finals #1-4 (collected as a Vertigo Resurrected, which is out-of-print)
  • Hellblazer #14-158 (a lot are available in trade but those trades are out-of-print)
  • Hellblazer Annual #1 (has yet to be solicited for collection)
  • Swamp Thing #65-73 (out-of-print trades)

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Posted by Jotham

So, you think it's worth getting, or what?

Posted by aztek_the_lost
@Jotham: online comics on DC's site? umm...personally, I'm still undecided, I keep this list as a way of checking up on the progress they're making, I mean I've already read every single one of the Vertigo comics they have available (except American Splendor V2 #1-4)...I think DC needs to upload a few thousand more comics from all their imprints and then have paid monthly access or something...this issue-by-issue business doesn't appeal to me in the case of online comics tbh 
I think of online comics as more of a service then a commodity
Posted by Jotham
@aztek the lost: Yeah, I don't know why they're dragging their heels. Heck, every media company is when it comes to digital distribution. I don't know why, it's completely futile.
Posted by Billy Batson

Bullets is fully collected now :D