After Watchmen

After the hype the Watchmen movie brought, DC tried to use this new hype by directing people who enjoyed Watchmen to many of the other comics in their back-catalog, dividing them into five categories:

Books for Mature Readers (Read: 29 of 40...73%)

Best-Selling Books from Best-Selling Authors (Read: 17 of 25...68%)

Books that Push the Boundaries of Science Fiction (Read: 17 of 31...55%)

More Books by Alan Moore (Read: 6 of 12...50%)

Books that Redefine Modern Super Heroes (Read: 18 of 41...44%)

Some items would fall into multiple categories...this list is my way of highlighting all the items advertised on the After Watchmen site and keeping track of which ones I've read.

List items

Posted by Silkcuts

Brilliant list!

Posted by aztek_the_lost
@Silkcuts: I always felt DC did a good job at pushing its best comics (whereas Marvel just pushes what's popular) so I really want to read all of these...glad you like the will also me gain more exposure to the two things I need to properly be accepted as a comic fan: Alan Moore and Super Heroes...I'm doing pretty well in Mature Readers though!
Posted by Silkcuts
@aztek the lost:   I agree that that is the difference of Old Marvel and Old DC.  DC and marvel seem to be blurring this description once Dan Didio and co came to power at DC.
With Axel head of Marvel, I think Marvel is promising.
As for the balance to reads, that I believe is the key to being a well informed comic reader.  There are "batman" fans reviewing every Batman comic, but without knowing works of Morrison's past and what influences him, the core plot driving story which is his, cannot be properly deciphered by those reviews.  Not saying they are bad or wrong, they are just ignorant to the possibility of more, if they chose not increase their comic knowledge.  There are many comics that are now literature to each other, such as Watchmen.  Brad Meltzer's Identity Crisis echos a lot of what happened in Watchemen for example.
I love Alan Moore because the more I have read of him the more I understand how the medium has changed.  Some for the best and some for the worst.  Superheroes run the North American market, so it is kind of something we all have to read at one point.  But there is good Superheroes like Green Lantern, or ground Breaking like Morrison's Batman.  But unless someone's comic reading is more diverse, then to see why Something like Morrison's X-Men.  Some get it, some don't, but if you liked The Invisibles then the X-Men was a logical next step.  Or even Green Lantern for example, Moore wrote 3 throwaway GL stories and all three in one way or another ripples into Geoff Johns' epic. How many Johns fans have read Mogo's first appearance for example? 

I like this list a lot because its a check list of important work.  All comicviners should have such a list.
Posted by Hawkeye446

Very nice, some great books up there.

Posted by FuryofObama2012

These are all fantastic looking books.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

What!? You haven`t read Batman: Year one?! Oh, well, that`s okay.

Posted by aztek_the_lost

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I intend to read all of these eventually, I have no claims that I've read all the essential comics but I have read a lot of good ones that aren't on this list

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Great list, and I agree DC/Vertigo does a great job marketing there titles. I've read about fifteen of these titles but almost all of them I want to read one day. Especially Desolation Jones, this is the third time I've seen it mentioned today, I love Warren Ellis but I missed this title.

Posted by aztek_the_lost

@DoomDoomDoom: I'm not usually one for biographical comics (which several of the unread Vertigo titles are on this list) but at the same time, all the ones from Vertigo I've read have been awesome so I don't know why I still don't trust the other ones yet

But yeah, DC is much better at this then Marvel, I don't even bother looking at Marvel because there's no real list of "essential Marvel reads" that isn't just bogged down by popularity over actual critical acclaim

Desolation Jones was great except that it suffers from Warren that he's never going to finish it...just like he never finishes anything he's written except Transmetropolitan and Planetary (turning a two-year book into a ten year book) and Supergod (turning five months into fourteen)

Posted by comic_newbie

@aztek_the_lost Good list, are there any more like this?

Do you know where to find future DC releases of non monthly comic arcs and one off graphic novels (collected in one book) like Red Son/Birthright/ID Crisis etc?