For one reason, because I'm biased, for another reason, besides all the great titles they've got going on already, look at all the new stuff!
At least a half dozen more Vertigo crime graphic novels have been mentioned, and a Hellblazer original graphic novel by original series writer Jamie Delano in honor of its 20th anniversary, new titles like Joe the Barbarian by Grant Morrison, I Zombie by Chris Roberson, American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Stephen King, Demo Vol. 2 by Brian Wood! Plus a film adaptation of a Vertigo comic hitting theaters in April ( The Losers) and a tv series based on a Vertigo comic kicking off this month ( Human Target). And let's not forget this is potentially the year Fables reaches it's 100th issue (and Jack of Fables it's 50th issue) so you can expect an awesome issue for that event.
if that wasn't enough to convince you...
I've got my fingers crossed Seaguy: Eternal will be coming out this year.

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Posted by geraldthesloth

Seaguy wont come out this year..I'll bet you a dollar :)

Posted by aztek_the_lost
@geraldthesloth: don't crush my unrealized dreams before they can come true!!!!!! I refuse to listen to your naysaying!!!
Posted by NightFang
2010 - Will be the best year for DC/Vertigo.
Posted by LittlePebblesAcademy

Here's hopeing all children in Tulsa stay warm

while the schools are out.