CV Hits 150,000!

Well, for those of you who keep up with our swiftly growing database, you may already know this but ComicVine now has over 150,000 issues! Woohoo! The 150,000th issue in particular was submitted yesterday by long-time member, Superkitty, and was Masters of the Universe #10. A comic I know nothing about but it appears to me that it's Non-English. Yay for foreign comics!

Now, some of you may remember Shatterstar made a blog for our 100,000th issue just under 16 months ago which averages us to over 3000 issues a month, or 100 a day, sounds good to me! Also, you'll notice his blog has stats of this and other notable comic databases, so I will provide some as well and we can see if we're closing the gap?
ComicVine (founded in 2006)
Characters: 49,922 (granted there's several thousand pages that are not credited and therefore pointless)
Teams: 2,891
Creators: 8,701
Publishers: 1,082
Objects: 970
Locations: 1,240
Volumes: 17,150
Story Arcs: 590
Grand Comics Database (founded in 1994)
Publishers: 4,277
Volumes: 39,923
Issues: 534,267 (granted, they don't require covers like we do)
Covers: 256,236
Indexed Comics: 133,226 (these are comics that in theory are completely filled out, though even these don't require covers and there's different levels of "completeness")
ComicBookDB (founded in 2005)
Issues: 185,483 (they don't require covers either and have separate issues for variants and such)
Covers: 166,407
Creators: 24,580
Characters: 38,640
Volumes: 24790 (they don't index based on the indicia so they group together several titles at times) 

 Let's Party!
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We're so awesome!!!



(yes, that comic submission is Dutch)
Posted by jloneblackheart

Quality not quantity. We are way better than those sites and their missing covers and lack of visual appeal.

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Yepeee !  
(Oh, by the way, I suspect superkitty to be deutch or from belgium, very near from me ! ;-) )
Posted by Illyana Rasputin
Congratulations, Comic Vine!
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" whooo-hoo!

   (yes, that comic submission is Dutch) "
 Ik heb de macht!!!!
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Didn't even know there were other comic book database sites except for COMICVINE.COM! 
Rock On!
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I will surpass you  MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Yay us.

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So at this rate we'll pass CBDB sometime around the middle of the year. 
En het is mijn schuld indeed He-Man. En het is mijn schuld.

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Awesome :)

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Go dutch!

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Hi-Fives all around people!
Posted by Superkitty

Hooray! Do I get a quest for that?
Also remember, some of those databases aren't (very) encyclopedic (lacking or having very little character bios, etc)
 Ik heb de macht!

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The comic is dutch i believe since it looks like German but has a lot of "-CH"'s and "VAN"'s in it.

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Great job comicvine!