I'm Thinking of a 6-Digit Number...

...and it starts with 2, that's right, I have successfully surpassed 200,000 points, woohoo! Now before I go into elaborating upon my feat (you can skip everything after this first couple sentences and just say congrats) I will confess to having actually reached this goal two days ago. The problem is I was so busy doing more submissions, I couldn't find the time to make a blog. Now things have slowed down for a bit so I'll throw out my achievement and accept your praises in return.

So...to break down my 200,000 points my submission stats are as follows:

  1. 202,410 (the actual amount of points I have as I write this)
  2. 13,253 (the amount of pages I have at least a single point on)
  3. 19,161 (the amount of individual submissions I have made on this site, excluding the 10,000+ from before CV 2.0, and the image subs since 2.0)
  4. 8,617 (the most points I have on a single page)
and well yeah, all the other numbers I have on feats are more or less guesses, but I have to say I am one of the most "well-rounded" submitters on the site as back in the old days (your biggest subs were displayed differently) I was the first to submit to at least 20 pages in all 7 categories and before they shortened the top editor lists displayed in those categories (via browse) I was the only one to be in the Top 20 for all the categories.

But now, enough about what I've done, because honestly from what I hope to do I haven't even scratched the surface yet, some big projects of mine are indexing all the Vertigo comics on this site, now of course that's a slow process, I've only read a few hundred of them myself but I'm still in my youth so I've got years ahead of me. Also, I'm trying to credit all the 1600+ 2000AD issues to the best of my ability as well as Topolino (they happen to be the two longest comic book series I know of so help is always welcome). Other than that there's just random subs to indy publishers and what-not to be made so hopefully I'll be able to make some sort of impact on the database before I retire :D

I would also like to bring up that I find it rather suspicious that fesak made his triumphant return the same day I reached this benchmark...almost as if he were programmed to submit whenever his position as #1 feels threatened...like some sort of robot...

Anyways, now I have to go reply to the starred PM's in my inbox (some dating back to three weeks ago!) you can wish me luck in that too :P

Aztek's RP Update

Okay, so as you probably don't know, I've been writing my current bio for ten months now, and I've almost reached the halfway-point in the planned chapter amount (14 of 32). Yes I know, you're all sad that my original bio that everyone loved -I actually got tons of comments and swooning fangirls and the like after they read it- is gone, but I may eventually finish that one too and technically it hasn't been retconned out of continuity.

You see, I don't want to spoil the ending for my current bio, but let's just say the Aztek in my fan-fic/story isn't the one who participates in RPG's...yes he's appeared in a few but as you may know if you were in those RPG's, he basically an omnipotent god, not real fun when you get down to it because although he can wipe the floor with all you folks, you'll all start being whiney and that.

So, to explain the previous incarnations of Aztek in previous RPG's, I came up with this idea.

Since the dawn of time, Aztek (the god) has been trying to right the wrongs of his past (p.s. he's a neutral, a morally grey fellow who wants to do good, but does it in the wrong ways because of a curse at birth type deal) by creating a being that walks the earth and seems to be human, except for the fact that he's immortal (he can die...its complicated) and has been endowed with superhuman powers. Oh and because of yet another failure of the god Aztek, this creation of his is allied with evil.

So anyways, there have been hundreds of these "Aztek's" throughout the ages and they all share the memories of their predecessors, so basically you might as well think of them as one individual since only one of them exists at any given time. All this essentially means is the Aztek who was originally with the VV, the one with the HFC, the other ones with the VV, still other ones in random RPG's are all different people, they simply wear the same identity and are similar in attitudes. When one of the "Aztek's" dies, he is quickly replaced by another and therefore...everyone simply assumes he's truly immortal.

So yeah...as you can all remember, Aztek died a while back...so...the current one who has just enlisted himself with the HFC is a brand-new dude whose taking over, he retains the memories of his fellows, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll react the same ways they did.

Now for the powers since they always seem so important:

Immortality: Although he can die, it's not by natural means...and most of the time when he dies its in some colossal fight of epic proportions because the only way to victory is suicide glares at Paladin and the Ice Dragons but for the most part...he probably won't be dying until he gets betrayed again or something :P This also means he has some healing...not Wolverine style or anything...but given time to recover (as in hours or days) he will eventually heal from any wound or he will be able to last longer than some average joe when suffering a fatal wound.

Others: Yeah, I'll make up those as I go...essentially he's got anything in his arsenal but I'll pull out whatever makes a story most interesting (not always what makes him most powerful at that moment of course) but if you folks can't handle that without more complaining I'll think of something. Shadow Manipulation however is always big.


Yay for Vertigo! (oh and for me too)

Okay, so yeah, I guess I should mention yesterday I passed Superkitty (the individual who showed me just how much stuff was missing from the Vine and as such the reason I began to fill it in) and am currently in third place now! Yay! Now, it'll obviously be a while until I can pass either Blue_Shield or fesak, even if they quit right now...but my claim to fame is having been in 3rd...which is more than most can say looks at almost anyone who reads this

Anyways, the other feat I just accomplished recently was getting the amount of Vertigo characters listed on this database to exactly 1,000...something I said I'd do several months ago when it was at about 700. Now I realize some of those pages may be dupes, and a lot of them have very little info and that some Vertigo characters are currently attributed to DC...but the point is Vertigo's moving up in the world on this site, so I'm doing my job right :D

BOO-YAH! (updated)

That's right! I'm #5 on the Top Users List!

Just in case you haven't been keeping up with climb to the #1 position on the ladder of greatness, I've been on this climb for about 18 months now and have finally reached a new peak position! (My last peak position was obviously #6 and I reached it for the first time back in 1.0, when I was racing people like Agent Paradox 9 and Buckshot who were still contributing...so yeah...its been a long time).

Anyways, you ask who did I pass today? The answer is asxz and G-Man, who have both been on the Top 10 list for about as long as I can remember...now that leaves only three people I've never surpassed as long as I've been on this site (fesak, Superkitty, Shatterstar) but I will eventually when I get my 1,000,000 points!


Below is visual confirmation...yes it was edited...but not for reasons you might think and all of the Top 9 users were actually like that at the time I made this image...


Well, did some additions today and have now reached a new peak position of #4! VICTORY IS MINE!

On a sidenote, I realized I'm also the user with the most posts of all the Top 20...which proves my obsession of CV knows no bounds!


My Opinion

Well, the fact is, the re-design hardly effects the part of the site I deal with, its mostly an aesthetic thing rather than a features thing...and I even liked how the site looked when it had that ugly gray background...so...yeah, it looks cool.

Oh, but I do like the return of some things we had back in CV 1.0 that were gone with 2.0 such as the "character credits" and "creator credits" on volumes. That being said, it also means the return of that bug where when a character/creator is removed they are still listed as having "0" appearances but I can suck it up.

Oh and I like that blurbs can only be 50 words again...it will make moderating less of a chore in the area of people not knowing where to put the bio. Other than that I've yet to encounter anything revolutionary but if I do I guess I can edit my blog or whatever...

EDIT #1: Also, isn't it a little redundant to make galleries if all images go into the "All Images" gallery anyways?

EDIT #2: Oh yeah, the whole thing with the top editor being embellished is pretty cool too, except for the fact that the people who were wiki-banned usually made it up to the "Top Editor" status of at least a few pages and sections...

EDIT #3: The whole wall thing is pretty cool though, really liking that...but that top picture on your profile is sort of annoying since other things are set to fill up that space anyways, and it doubles over on the sides.

EDIT #4: The option to recommend reviews is pretty nice except for the fact I have a feeling most of my two hundred or so reviews go unread...

EDIT #5: But this was the best part, hahahahaha!

EDIT #6: I can't believe I didn't notice this before but a major disappointment is the homepage...if we're the largest comic book database, don't you think we should at least advertise it a little?

EDIT #7: Instantaneous thread deletion FTW!
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Uh...well, there are no real "uber-rare" comics I have my eye on...my favorite publisher is younger than I am...so none of its issues ever reached the "rare" category. All the comics that are expensive for rare-ness are those first appearances of popular characters, but I hate popular characters so even if I was given the comic I'd probably just throw it away...either that or find some sap who'd actually buy the thing :P

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Why Do I Have 300+ Accounts?

Since so many people have asked me this question, well they started asking back when I had like twenty, but I finally decided I would explain why...

First off, it should be noted that I only made my second account on Jan. 15, 2008 (this account was made Sept. 24, 2007...almost four months earlier). The reason I made that one was because a friend wanted me to join his hero team and I was a villain in the VV so I had to do that. His team never made it mainstream though it was cool while it lasted, anyways after that I started making accounts for every character in my original bio bringing me up to about 20.

Slowly this would increase as an RPG or fan-fic demanded a new account and despite what Gambler will tell you I've been in quite a few RPG's and so needed quite a few accounts, in fact there was an RPG which I participated in with 5 of my accounts at once.

Also, there was once a bug on the Vine where your main account would suddenly bring you to a grey screen and so I had aztek the lost (without the underscores) to fall back on but I figured since I was using a different account anyways, why not make new ones. Anyways, when 2.0 rolled around I was probably just a little over 100 accounts in my quest.

Finally as time progressed I learned of some up-and-comers (Sha and Acer) who were also making dozens of accounts and than it became a competition, at least for me, Sha always denied she was competing but the point is I was and so...I just made accounts for the heck of it and now here I am with a little over 300, with all competitors left in the dust...wondering what I should do with them? o_O

So that's my story, hope you enjoyed it :D

For a "almost" full listing of my accounts, check this list