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You know what? It's about damn time I fill out this baby, describe myself in detail while still remaining somewhat anonymous.

Salutations dear reader (if you're still reading I apologize), my name is probably going to be legally changed at some point in the future (maybe by the end of 2012) to something I like better. My age ranges from the late teens to early twenties (that should cover all the amount of time before I get around to updating this again). I'd like to be dead before I'm twenty-five but I'd settle for thirty in a worst case scenario. I was born (and currently live) in the greatest nation on Earth (Canada) but had a dalliance with the United States for three years before I was legally able to choose where I wanted to reside, that said I've been a dual-citizen since birth so the border means NOTHING TO ME! (although I hate being on that side of it if you know what I mean).

Uhh...now I need to think of what other details you share in these things...I tried to look it up on Google but then it made me feel inadequate with my inferior attempt so I'm going to try and remain oblivious to the more elegant ways one can describe themselves.

Okay, so I work at a grocery store, stocking shelves, it's not as slack as I usually see it portrayed, in fact it's a pretty awful job (after only a couple months I was higher in rank then most people ever get due to the revolving door of employment) but I'm also pretty good at it in my opinion and once you take out all the people I work with who suck (a large fraction) it's actually my dream job, I have no aspirations of one day running the company, just stocking shelves all night is fine with me.

Other then that, I decided to live out my teen rebellion (so that I could say I accomplished something in life) and moved away from home on my 18th birthday, even after all this time fending for myself somehow I am still alive.

I used to boast an epic beard for a few years in high school and my peers respect for it was the only thing that kept me from burning the whole place down. But in time I decided I wanted to take interest in my own appearance rather then pleasing the crowds so I became a woman instead. It's expensive and a long, ongoing (possibly unachievable) process but I'm happier. Forces you to become more confident in yourself by default when walking outside your door gets you hated by people you don't even care exist.

I also enjoy films and television like anyone else but moreso for mind-numbing then feeling like I'm having a worthwhile experience (I like my shows comedic and my movies epic). Other more important interests include comics (I read a lot of them...as my years on this site probably indicate...Vertigo of course being the primary passion), music (I listen to a lot of it, in fact if I have the opportunity, I am always listening to music...all sorts of genres but I'm not a hipster or anything, I would love it if other people liked all the same music as me), tattoos (I have...okay, I'm planning on getting...a lot of them, only have a little over a half dozen now due to my lousy wages but I get one a month) and pornography (sue me).

Tl;dr (THIS IS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE IN TROUBLE AND NEED AN IN WITH A MOD): I take my task as an Internet moderator fairly seriously so if you're getting reprimanded or something, using my personal life or the fact that I'm something of a morally grey person to try and buddy up with me won't work. I'm quite adept at generating an attitude of narcissism and self-importance on the Interwebz and can effortlessly drown out your seeking pity.