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Spiderman...Batman can have all his gadgets and combat skills, but end of the day Spiderman has equal intelligence, he as a teenager forged weapons and gadgets to take on superior foes, to compensate for loss of powers, and take into the equation he's physically superior to Batman by a lengthy margin?

If it came to round two, Batman may be better prepared but then the same could be applied to Spidey. Both think with their intelligence, which is roughly equal, but then take in Spidey's physical attributes and you have a winner:

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I couldn't see Spidey living with such a law-abiding woman who doesn't need his protection and is stern enough to make Jean Grey look'd be awkward, but then as a character development it'd be cool seeing how Peter deals with dating a woman whose power outstrips his?

Plus it'd give Ms Marvel a real boost in sales

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Tell him to smile a little bit, he's pretty depressing for a guy whose been married to Jean Grey, had an affair with Emma Frost and flirted with Psylocke?

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@Jackson_Hartley: Didn't mean to for it to come out offensive genuinely, it's just when I wrote it at that time I was mulling over how quickly Predators get killed if the foe is a little bit clever, I wasn't meaning to offend the writer, more the theme of "predator vs spidey" the actual plot's fine, I was just talking about the theme, sorry if it came out aggressive.

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Hulk, if it's post World War Hulk and all that would probably win, but if it was Spiderman from post-Other when he had an enhanced set of powers, he'd destroy Wolverine, as for against the Hulk...well it's very difficult to beat the Hulk, I'd see Spidey raining down ineffectual punches and Hulk needing only one hit to lay down Spidey, and I'm a spidey fan too!

Of course if it was a battle to the ultimate end, then Wolverine would win because as a warrior/soldier/ only he really has the stomach to kill.

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This is so stupid, Venom would tear apart the Predator because he's like a enhanced version of a Xenomorph only with size-altering powers and camoflauge like the Predator has, he can mould parts of his body into a weapon, he would tear them all apart. As for Spiderman versus an Alien, I think that'd be fairly close perhaps because Alien despite its physical inferiority, it still is formidable and if it delivers an acidic blow or stabs Spiderman it's fatal, if it simply gets his hand on Spidey it's fatal. It too can cling onto walls, it has sublime vision and it's very dangerous. But although the Alien is stronger than the likes of Captain America, I think Spiderman would beat the Alien very swiftly because he's simply too much for the Aliens. Spiderman's webbing would be ineffective against the Alien but his strength, speed, agility and reflexes are too much, he would tear Aliens apart, although multiple drones would be asking a lot. All he has to do is avoid getting hit, keep webbing them from a distance and land hits when he can, employ that hit-and-run tactic he did against the Firelord. The Predator one for some reason is uniquely different because although it can annihilate multiple Aliens, it's facing a much faster and stronger foe who is equally smart as it. Spiderman like against the Alien has to avoid blows, a claw attack or being hit by those plasma pistols or disks could prove fatal but then Spiderman through sheer power would easily overwhelm the slow Predator whose invisibility would be neutralised by spider-sense. Spiderman would easily dodge a barrage of Predator's attacks and assuming he doesn't get hit, he could win. But just like against the Alien, it all depends on two things: Spiderman's ruthlessness and whether the Aliens and Predators ever deliver a hit, if they do then they could severely injure him due to their powers, otherwise they're mauled. Yet despite this I am positive the Predator would win, because Spiderman might kill Aliens because they're non-sentient and feral species, but he's be tentative killing a conscious and intelligent life-form, and that's where Predator won't hesitate, he's very resilient to damage, he'll weather Spiderman's restricted blows and even when he is certainly defeated, he'll ensure Spiderman dies by detonating his Jihad-styled bombs, and that's why I say that while Spiderman would uncomfortably slaughter colony of Xenomorphs, against the Predators unless Spiderman is willing to kill he's going to lose, simple as. Unless he somehow disarms the Predator of that bomb, even then....and anyway Venom would kick all of their asses, barring spidey of course. A better question would be Green Goblin versus Predator, or Punisher versus Predator :D hope you all enjoyed this, my first post on this.