Marvel: Arionage - X-Faction Chapter 2

Chapter 2

‘How did it find us?’ I thought as I stared at the hunter who just remained in the air.

Hunters are specially made, specially trained iron soldiers whose sole purpose is to hunt and eliminate all mutants. The suits they wear are made for use in the air, on land, an even under water. For the most part, they’re like the usual iron soldier, but these were made to withstand mutant powers. They’re immune to high and low temperatures. They’re unaffected by telepaths and are immune to electricity; just my luck. I waited for it to make a move, but it just stayed in that exact position. Not even the drones were attacking us. That’s when I heard a voice coming from it.

“Who are you guys?” He asked.

“We’re just wanderers who wandered in the wrong place.” I replied.

I felt so stupid and pathetic, but there’s no way we could take that hunter with all these drones around. I could easily electrocute the drones, but I might hit Alyssa, Tank, and the blonde girl. I could also slice them all with my sword, but I doubt that hunter would just stay there and watch.

“You just happened to have wandered past a bunch of security drones and into a Ferrum research facility?” He asked.

“Well we knew it was abandoned, so we decided to take a look around.”

“You know there’s a group of mutant saboteurs matching your exact description. We have a kill on sight order.”

“Are you going to take us in?” I asked.

“No, I’m going to kill you.”

I knew I had to act quickly, but I needed an opportunity. Just as he prepared to fire, Drake threw a small bomb at his hand, causing him to misfire. That’s when I acted.

“Everybody get out quick!”

In an instant, Alyssa grabbed Tank and the girl and teleported away. I unleashed a barrage of electricity in every direction. The drones didn’t even have a chance to target me. I was so damned arrogant and irresponsible I didn’t even notice the hunter firing his hand blaster at me. Alyssa teleported me out just in time. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was to leave myself exposed like that. This isn’t the first time Alyssa had to endanger her own life just to save mine.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I’m fine; we have to focus on the hunter. Where’s Tank?”

She pointed behind me. I was glad to see he wasted no time to cover himself with the earth outside of the facility. Took him ten seconds to look like a big rock golem. What a power. He charged the hunter just as it flew close to the ground. Before he could hit the hunter, it blasted the rocks right off his shoulder. I didn’t even know where Drake was. He tends to lay low until he finds an opening. Alyssa waited, but I didn’t know what to say. She’s valuable on the battlefield, but we can’t just leave that blonde girl alone, she appeared paralyzed with fear.

“Drake, get your lazy ass over here!” I yelled.

I felt his hand tap my shoulder and nearly electrocuted him.

“Can you not sneak up on me like that?”

“Sorry, your face is too priceless.” He said.

“Drake, take the girl somewhere safe and protect her.” I said as I pulled out my sword.

While he went to the girl’s aid, I sent enough electricity into my sword to make it glow blue.

“Alyssa, I need you to give me cover fire.”

I hastily ran to back Tank up. The hunter was so fast I could barely keep my eyes on it. He and Tank kept exchanging hard blows on each other. When I got close up, I noticed the hunter hardly had any scratches. When I saw an opening, I attacked it. Not even my conductor sword could pierce the damn thing. With no idea what to do, I just began shooting electricity at it, but it had no effect. We fought it time and time again, but we just couldn’t do any damage. Then I came up with a plan.

“Tank, I need you to cover your arm with the metal gate!” I yelled.

Tank ran to the metal gate outside of the Ferrum facility. His stone covered arm became coated with metal.

‘What’s a better conductor of electricity than an electric gate?’ I thought.

Tank caught on fast and shortly ran for the hunter. The idiot didn’t realize why Tank was rushing actually rushing him, so I powered some electricity and zapped the metal around Tank’s arm. The devastating punch knocked the hunter to the ground. I knew that if I had any chance of defeating the hunter, this was it. Just as Tank smashed the downed hunter, I zapped him with everything I had. He couldn’t make a move. Or so I thought. While I was walking towards the hunter, it got back up. I can tell we damaged it, but I never imagined it would be so tough. These things are unbelievable.

“What now?” Alyssa asked me.

Stunned, I didn’t k now what to do. No matter what we threw at this thing, it kept getting back up. We punch it hard, it punches harder. I needed a plan, but my options were so limited. I felt so weak and helpless. The hunter stood up, glaring at me as if he were just playing around. Suddenly, with the blink an eye, four people arrived out of nowhere. I couldn’t get a good look at them, they were so quick. In seconds, the hunter was back on the ground, but covered in ice. He ferociously broke out. He even tried firing his central canon located on his chest. I was caught in crossfire and I didn’t even know what was happening. Before he was able to fully charge, one of the people smashed something into his power supply, causing him to burst. The suit became useless and the man inside even tried to flee. Damn hunters act all tough when they’re in their armor, but they’re cowards when it comes to fighting without them. I decided to let him go, but those four thought otherwise. I lay on the ground, confused. After they were done with the hunter, they quickly made their way to me. What the hell was I supposed to do now?

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