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Rooting for Aquaman! :)

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I kinda want this in 3D simply because Aquaman is my favorite DC character. Are the issues better looking than last years September event?

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Love Booth's WW sketch :)

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I love the inhumans but man does this book feel like it's taking forever to come out. =/

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Ottley deserves a lot of praise for that fantastic variant!

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Aquaman, Batman, Flash, the Wake, F4 and Inhuman :)

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Excellent list though I think a lot of modern spidey stories could have been added like: Spider-Man Blue, ASM 500, Flowers for Rhino, Spider-Island, Ends of the Earth and Grim Hunt and at least any of the arcs from the first Ultimate Spider-Man run are a must for fans.

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All of the above except the last one :), he's always been my hero.

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This is how I feel right now:

The Phantom Stranger, why DC why? First we lose Animal Man, now this? Come on guys, please don't do it, I beg you. With this & Pandora ending, we will only be left with 3 Dark titles...


Well this was never really that big of a tittle, also Andrew Bennet just can't catch a break, he's titles ( which was one of DC's best ) ended, and now this tittles last issue will be with him in it. And with this & Stranger ending, I feel sad knowing that The Question will never get his own series...though maybe Specter could? ( please DC please )

Worlds Finest:

And there goes the best Female duo...I don't understand why DC decided to return them to Earth 2 anyway.


People say that this book got better, but ever since they made the book crossover with Psy war, I stopped reading, and after Lobdel killed him only to put some retard in his place, I stopped completely, and refuse to pick it up no matter how good it gets. I swear we better get Konnor Kent rebooted!!

Birds of Prey:

Not gonna lie, stopped reading this, but that was because of money, not cause it was bad, I just know that this better not be replaced by a solo book, or even worse, solo bat-member book. ( I'm looking at Stephanie & Harper for this one )


Let's be real, this was never going to last, and it's nice to get some batman titles off the shelves and get some new heroes in the spotlight, though I am sad for Jimmi Paltomi, hope he gets to write some other comic that I will be more interested in, love the writer.

All-Star Wester: Jimmi is losing 2 books, and 1 of them is even one of the greatest DC books out there...


SPOT ON! I dropped BOP and Superboy for the same reasons… and really to me after revealing Pandora's origin so early on the book kinda lost it's appeal (at least to me), she could have been a better handled. All Star Western is amazing so it's a shame it's going away… but the one I won't really miss is Batwing, after the first arc back when it debuted I sort of lost interest unfortunately. Hopefully we'll get more spotlight on other heroes.

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SO basically Future's End is "Rotworld" mixed with a little Days of Future Past? I dig it >.>!